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    Car Dealership Injury Accident – Slip and Fall Attorney

    Car Dealership Injury Accident - Slip and Fall Attorney incident lawyer
    Car dealerships have many shiny new cars in the showroom, and also out on the dealership lot. These cars are the focus for going to a car dealership, but there can be a downside to spending time at the car dealership. Even if you are waiting for your car to be repaired, if you go to a car dealership, you can slip and fall or otherwise have an accident at the car dealership.

    You might have visited a car dealership listed below, to buy, sell or service a car with a make and model of:

    1. Mercedes
    2. BMW
    3. Ford/Lincoln
    4. GM/Chevy Cadillac
    5. Toyota
    6. Honda
    7. Hyundai/Kia
    8. Jeep/Fiat/Chrysler
    9. Audi/Porsche
    10. Nissan
    11. Subaru

    If you were injured at any car dealership, even a used car dealership that sells several different make and model cars, you can call us to discuss your claim at Kenmore Law Group at 855.793.7720.

    “Help, I Was Injured from Oil Spills from the Car Dealership Repair Shop as a Mechanic, What Do I Do Now?”

    If you were injured from an oil spill, grease pit or water on the car dealership repair shop floor as a mechanic, you can also call us at Kenmore Law Group at 855.793.7720 to review your injuries. Those injuries might fall into the category of workers’ compensation, but we can review the specifics of your claim when you give us a call.

    As a customer, you were likely not supposed to be in the area of the repair shop, but it is not impossible that you had to go into the repair shop and were similarly injured by slippery substances on the ground. If this has happened to you, you can and should also call us at Kenmore Law Group at 855.793.7720, to review your personal injury claim.

    Car Dealership Injury Accident - Slip and Fall Attorney sue lawsuit lawyer attorney compensation incident

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    Used Car Dealership – Accidents and Injuries – Slip and Fall – Falling Objects

    You can be injured at a car dealership and suffer an accident and injuries, being injured from falling objects, and suffer a slip and fall injury both inside the dealership and outside on the car lot. Car dealerships are in the business of selling cars, a lot of cars, and they can sometimes forget to sweep up or tidy up the showroom or the car lots where they showcase their cars.

    You can slip and fall inside or outside of the car dealership because of:

    • Over waxed flooring
    • Boxes of aftermarket parts left inside the dealership the showroom floor
    • Waiting area customer drinks and coffee that spilled on the flooring
    • Loose carpeting around the showroom displays
    • Wiring from the showroom car technology displays
    • Car parts on the showroom floor
    • Car doors left open on the showroom floor
    • Money and coins fallen on the showroom flooring
    • Grease tracked into the showroom from the repair shop area on soles of mechanics feet
    • Debris and trash on the showroom floor
    • Water from the repair shop leaked onto the showroom flooring
    • Falling objects in the repair shop waiting room from displays of aftermarket parts on the walls
    • Unsecured displays on the showroom floor in the customer or general waiting areas
    • Potholes in the ground
    • Poor lighting in the showroom or parking lot
    • Electrical wires exposed in the showroom
    • Uneven surfaces outside or in the doorways of the showroom
    • Missing and loose handrailing at the doorways
    • Defective or missing stair treads
    • Unmarked hazards in the parking lot
    • Debris on the ground in the parking lot
    • Defective chairs and tables in customer waiting areas
    • Overly slick and over waxed flooring
    • Unsecured furniture that slides around on the flooring in the showroom areas

    In the event that you are injured or slip in the showroom floor area, customer waiting area or outside in the parking lot, you can call us at Kenmore Law Group at 855.793.7720. If you are feeling a knee-jerk reaction to not bring an action against the car dealership, we would like to talk to you. If you have the gift of seeing the best in everyone, that is a good quality to have, but it does not serve you when injured in an accident at a car dealership.

    For example, you may have slipped and fallen at the car dealership, and felt that you were at fault for the loss. If you fall on a slippery flooring at the car dealership customer waiting room, you may not need to chastise yourself. We can help you to investigate the situation, to find out what happened, who was at fault, and which party is responsible for paying for your medical bills related to this loss. If you fell on a slippery flooring at the car dealership, it does not serve you to say to yourself “Oh, silly me, I am very klutzy and fell.” Usually, there is a reason why people suddenly fall down on a floor in a car dealership. You don’t have to suffer your loss in silence, but can call us at Kenmore Law Group at 855.793.7720 to talk to a lawyer with experience in settling out personal injury cases.

    Zero Fee Guarantee

    We are here to offer to you a zero-fee guarantee. That means that you don’t have to pay us anything up front, before we will talk to you and help you to recover properly on your car dealership slip and fall claim.

    Free Second Opinion Case Review / Experienced Lawyers in Personal Injuries Sustained at a Car Dealership

    We will give you a free second opinion and case review for your claim, with our experienced attorneys in Los Angeles. Just call us at Kenmore Law Group at 855.793.7720 for more information.

    Car Dealership Injury Accident - Slip and Fall Attorney lawsuit lawyer attorney compensation incident sue

    Can I Sue for Personal Injuries at a Car Dealership?

    Yes, we can sue for personal injuries at a car dealership. We can get you the recovery compensation you deserve in this type of case. All that you need to do is to call us to talk to our Los Angeles case lawyers at Kenmore Law Group at 855.793.7720. We can file a lawsuit, and review your claim with our case attorneys in Los Angeles today. You can call us now to set up an appointment.

    Average Case Value of a Personal Injury at a Car Dealership

    The average case value of a personal injury from slipping and falling at a car dealership will vary widely, depending on the severity of your claim. Your final settlement package can be anywhere from $350,000 to several millions of dollars, depending on the casualties you suffered during your accident and injury therefrom at the car dealership.

    How Long Does It Take to Settle and to Get Paid on These Cases?

    A case for a slip and fall at a car dealership will need to be reviewed, and we can go over your case with you when you call us at Kenmore Law Group at 855.793.7720 today. This type of case is usually settled within 3-5 months, assuming it is possible to get your medical records and all documentation surrounding the case easily and quickly. If you have any questions regarding what to do for your next steps, just call us now at Kenmore Law Group at 855.793.7720.

    Statute Of Limitations – How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit?

    The statute of limitations in California for personal injury lawsuit filing is two years.

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