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    Can I Sue Airbnb If I Was Sexually Assaulted at an Airbnb?

    Can I Sue Airbnb If I Was Sexually Assaulted at an Airbnb rape host sexual acts right to sue lawsuit compensation lawyer attorney
    Can I Sue Airbnb If I Was Sexually Assaulted at an Airbnb?

    Yes, you can sue Airbnb if you were sexually assaulted at an Airbnb. Our attorneys who specialize in Airbnb sexual assault cases will sue the host and Airbnb itself to receive the reimbursement money that you deserve in this type of sexual assault and rape case.

    Can I Sue Airbnb If an Airbnb Host Raped me?

    Yes, you can sue Airbnb if an Airbnb host raped you. First, you must contact an Airbnb rape lawyer who specializes in Airbnb sex crime cases. Then, you can bring a lawsuit on the merits of the sexual assault incident that was perpetrated on you.

    Airbnb Sexual Assault Lawyer

    It is safe to say that everyone has heard of Airbnb, and knows what they are all about. But for the few people who have not heard about it, here is more information. Airbnb is a company that sponsors or encourages people to register online on their website, and to actually rent out part of their home or their entire private home to strangers. The idea of Airbnb is that being in someone else’s home is more like you being on vacation and being in your own home – comfy and dry, instead of being in a hotel. At least in a hotel you are offered a modicum of privacy, whereas in an Airbnb, you are sleeping in a stranger’s home.

    When you purchase time to sleep in a stranger’s home, you can be injured by this action of trusting a stranger. You can read reviews of other people who have slept in that individual’s home on the Airbnb website, but you may not know much else about that individual. More importantly, you need to be able to recover compensation against this type of person if you are injured personally and physically attacked in that Airbnb host’s home.

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    Airbnb Host Sexual Assault Lawyer

    You need to give us a call if you have been injured in an Airbnb. You should call our office right away, if you have a personal injury claim from staying in an Airbnb. You need to talk to our Airbnb rape lawsuit attorneys.

    People staying at Airbnb’s are vulnerable, because they are in unfamiliar surroundings, and are going to eat, sleep, shower and otherwise live in someone’s home who is a stranger. There are responsibilities of the Airbnb’s owner, and that is to keep everyone safe in the home for the full duration of their paid visit. If they are unable or unwilling to do this simple act, they will need to pay the consequences, in the form of recovery compensation to the people they allow to be injured in their private residence.

    Lawyer Experienced in Airbnb Sexual Assault Cases

    Airbnb’s have safety issues all the time. They have issues related to property damage, sexual assaults and other injuries and losses. The company has gone on the record to state that they have less than 0.1% of their client stays that have personal issues with the host, which includes someone experiencing sexual assault to property damage. But with 193 million Airbnb night stays scheduled last year, this means that 0.1% of 193 million comes out to a mind-blowing 193,000 events that result in safety, security, sexual assault or property damage from someone sleeping overnight at a stranger’s Airbnb!

    “Help, I Was Sexually Attacked at an Airbnb!”

    If you have been sexually attacked at an Airbnb by the host, you need to call our office right away. You might have sustained serious injuries, emotional trauma and may still be recovering from these injuries right now. There are many different types of sexual assault, in many different circumstances that can happen at an Airbnb.

    You can be physically injured by the Airbnb host, when the host puts hands on you and gives you injuries including:

    • Bruises
    • Contusions
    • Abrasions
    • Lacerations
    • Concussion
    • Head trauma
    • Coma
    • Incised wounds
    • Open wounds
    • Internal bleeding
    • Gunshot wounds
    • Stab wounds
    • Red and tender wounds
    • Black eyes
    • Pulling of hair
    • Gouging of eyes
    • Cuts on arms
    • Fingertips scratching skin
    • Biting of skin
    • Being punched
    • Kicked
    • Slapped
    • Dragged
    • Pushed to the ground
    • Pushed down a flight of stairs
    • Knocked down
    • Knocked out
    • Beaten up
    • Pulled hair out
    • Hit with open or closed fist
    • Kicked on the ground
    • Hit with a blunt object
    • Pistol whipped
    • Raped
    • Strangled
    • Cut with knife
    • Burned with cigarettes
    • Burned with candles
    • Buried in dirt or sand
    • Pushed into a pool and attacked
    • Locked into a room and attacked
    • Locked out of a room and attacked
    • Broken bones and fractures

    If you were sexually assaulted at an Airbnb, you have an actionable claim for sexual assault and need to call our office immediately to discuss the next steps. If you were raped at an Airbnb by the host or by a guest, you need to call us today. We are able to connect you to our Airbnb sexual assault lawyers, who can file a lawsuit against Airbnb on your behalf.

    Our Airbnb Sexual Assault Attorneys Can Sue Airbnb for the Rape

    When you call our Airbnb sexual assault attorneys in Los Angeles, we will sue Airbnb in court to receive a compensation package that will cover all of the expenses related to your medical bills, lost wages and any other money you need associated with your pain and suffering. If you call us today, you can talk to a Los Angeles Airbnb rape attorney, who will sue both the Airbnb host and Airbnb company to get you the money that you deserve to recover in this case.

    In the event that you have been sexually assaulted at an Airbnb, you can sue Airbnb after a rape attack that produces personal injuries. Sexual assault victims who were raped or sexually assaulted at an Airbnb can sue Airbnb, by hiring an experienced sexual assault lawyer. You will want to work with someone from our office who is highly knowledgeable in winning these types of cases. This will help ensure that you will receive the recovery compensation that you deserve in this type of case.

    Can I Sue Airbnb If I Was Sexually Assaulted at an Airbnb sue lawsuit lawyer attorney
    Airbnb Sexual Assault Settlements

    Airbnb rape and sexual assault settlements are usually highly paid, because of the egregious behavior of the Airbnb host to actually put hands on a guest, and sexually assault a guest in their home. This does more than just “look bad” for the Airbnb company. On the whole, perhaps the Airbnb company needs to review, vet and check out their hosts more, to ensure that only stable people and not individuals who will criminally assault others – are the people able to become Airbnb hosts. We are able to talk to you about your Airbnb sexual assault lawsuit, and we can file a lawsuit for rape at an Airbnb by a host or another guest for you when you call us to discuss your case.

    Can You Sue an Airbnb Host for Sexual Assault?

    Yes, you can sue an Airbnb host for sexual assault. It can be the situation where another Airbnb guest who you don’t know could be responsible for you being sexually assaulted in the Airbnb home. If you are in the home of an Airbnb host, that individual is responsible for the safety of the people sleeping in the home. It is not the case that the Airbnb host has no responsibility at all for anything that happens in his or her private home.

    The Airbnb host is responsible for making a safe home, securing the home, and making reasonable attempts to vet the people who come into the home. Does it make sense that an Airbnb host allow someone who is a violent criminal to come into his or her home? That does not make sense. For this reason, the Airbnb host must make reasonable precautions to ensure that all guests in the home observe obvious rules of society and the law, not to sexually assault other guests while they are also in the home.

    Can You Sue an Airbnb Guest for Sexual Assault?

    Yes, you can sue an Airbnb guest if the Airbnb guest sexually assaulted you or raped you, while you were a paid guest in that home. Airbnb guests have a reasonable person duty to act just like that – as a normal and reasonable person. Just because there are more than one Airbnb guests staying at the property overnight, it does not give the other guests carte blanche to act threatening, intimidating, violently, in a way to bully you, sexually assault or rape you while you are all living in the Airbnb home together.

    Reasonable people who are strangers, living in close proximity to other people over the course of a night (or several nights) do not, will not, will not think and will not carry on to sexually assault other people who are strangers, accidental acquaintances or otherwise known to each other in the middle of the night, during the day or otherwise. When an Airbnb guest takes sexual advantage over another person, this individual is acting out of criminal nature, and not like a decent human being. Criminals are punished in court, which is what the guest should have, is a lawsuit and a punishment for his or her behaviors that put you into danger.

    Call for a Free Consultation

    If you have been sexually assaulted at an Airbnb, you need to call our law office immediately. We are able to talk you through the next steps to litigation, and will get you the settlement that you deserve in this type of brutal attack and personal injury case.

    We understand that you may still be in a state of shock over what did occur at the Airbnb, where you were sexually assaulted. We are able to discuss the case with you, and understand the sensitive nature of the case. You can feel comfortable coming to us to discuss the merits of your case, we understand and will be able to advise you as to the next steps to start and initiate a lawsuit on your behalf. We are here to get you the recovery compensation that you need, to recover completely from your injury and losses. We will get you the recovery package you need, and will get the settlement you want for your case and claim. Just call us today, we are here for you and can discuss your case with sensitivity and confidentiality, to review your claims.

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