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    Can I Get Worker’s Compensation If I Had a Stroke at Work?

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    Yes, you can get workers compensation if you had a stroke at work. People who have had a stroke can have and experience serious complications, and often they are disabled for life.

    A stroke is a type of brain injury and brain trauma, much like a traumatic brain injury. When you have had a stroke at work or a stroke incidence in the workplace, you most likely are having an attack on your brain. Your brain needs a constant supply of blood and oxygen. If you have fallen at work or in any way have injured your brain while working in the workplace, you are risking getting and suffering from a stroke in the workplace.

    Some people have a stroke and do not have any major symptoms, other people have and experience symptoms right away. If you are injured in the workplace or on the job, it is critical that you report the work injury right away to your supervisor, boss, manager or HR and benefits team. You need to make it clear when you have suffered an occupational injury, and need to take the steps to preserve your life afterwards. If that means to go to the hospital, or to call emergency services, then you need to do that, do not miss this step to preserve your life and health.

    Your employer needs to investigate and review your injury, what happened and how you were injured. This is a way to make the case for your injury, and also to help prevent the same thing from happening to someone else at your business, company or organization. You will be making a claim for your personal injuries, and your stroke will be a claim that is related to your work-related accident. You will be filing a formal worker’s compensation claim, and you will need to file this case within the statues of limitation for these types of cases. If you are unsure of what all this means, that is okay. We are here to help you, help you file the paperwork, and to work with you to ensure that you get the money you deserve on negotiation for your worker’s compensation claim with your employer.

    Is a Stroke at Work Covered by Worker’s Compensation?

    Yes, a stroke at work is covered by workers compensation. You can receive worker’s compensation when you are injured on the job. You are eligible for worker’s compensation from the first day that you start on the job, there is no waiting period. If you are wondering how to determine if a stroke is work-related, you will need to have your medical bills reviewed. Your attorney will contact your medical team to review your medical documents, and your lawyer can determine if a stroke is work-related or not. If it is, then it is covered under worker’s compensation reimbursement eligibility rules.

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    Stroke After an Accident at Work

    If you have had a stroke at work and are a stroke patient, you can qualify for worker’s compensation if you have been injured in the workplace during working hours. You need to discuss your case with a lawyer specializing in workplace stroke and brain aneurysm lawsuits. Our legal team can talk to you about these issues, and we will do that when you give us a call.

    Worker’s Compensation Benefits and Brain Strokes

    If you have had a brain stroke, you need to call our office to discuss your case. You need to review your claim with a knowledgeable worker’s compensation attorney, who can sue for an accident at work that caused a stroke. After a stroke, you will need extended time to heal from your injury. You may have a serious injury that will take many weeks, to months to properly heal. It will be difficult to predict the value of this claim, but whenever the brain or strokes are involved, it will up the ante on the value of the overall claim for settlement package purposes.

    It is not unusual to have a stroke on the job. Many people are injured at work, especially if they are around heavy equipment, move heave objects, drive a company car, or are in the position to use their hands for heavy work in the workplace. People have been known to have fallen down, been pushed or knocked down, or have otherwise injured themselves to where there is no way that the brain can recover from the injury, causing an internal stroke in that individual.

    Having a stroke on the job can be debilitating and difficult to recover from quickly. There may be a loss of language, memory or even paralysis to deal with and heal from after a stroke. Strokes are common to occur on the job when the person:

    1. Suffers a slip and fall, has a traumatic brain injury that leads to a stroke
    2. Does improper lifting and falls backwards or forward, causing brain swelling and a stroke
    3. Has a car accident in the course of business and injures the head leading to a stroke

    Types of Treatments for a Work-Related Stroke Injury

    You might consider may different kinds of treatment for yourself, post stroke. You will need many months to years to recover from a stroke that happened on the job. You may have lost wages and lost time from your job. You need to talk to an attorney who has all the answers in this type of case.

    Some treatment and rehabilitation options for a work-related stroke can include using the:

    • Craniotomy model
    • Photo-thrombosis model
    • Neurorehabilitation
    • Biomaterial testing
    • Embolic stroke model
    • Endothelin-1 model

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    You are entitled to a free second opinion on your case. Remember, you can always call us any time that you want to talk to us regarding your case. Don’t worry if you are currently working with someone else for the case, you can always talk to us about your concerns, issues or questions. We are here to explain everything to you in language that you can easily understand.

    What Are My Rights If I Got a Stroke at Work?

    You can get workers compensation benefits if you are injured while at work. In this type of claim, you can file for a Worker’s Compensation claim with your employer. You may have to have a worker’s compensation lawsuit for a stroke at work. When you call our office, you will be able to talk to attorneys who can sue an employer for workers comp benefits due to a stroke at work.

    A lawyer who is an expert in this case will work with you to manage the claim. You will be talking to an attorney who knows what to do to win this case, to get you the money you deserve in this case. We are able to start the process to begin a lawsuit on your behalf, and we know how to negotiate the best settlement for you. You need to call our office to talk to a lawyer with experience in knowing how to win this type of case.

    We will work with you, and you will have the opportunity to discuss your case with an attorney with expertise in these types of claims. We will review your case, and will talk to you about the settlement that you expect and deserve. You will be with our attorneys who specialize in knowing what it takes to win this case, and when you call, we will talk to you now.
    Can I Get Worker’s Compensation If I Had a Stroke at Work lawsuit lawyer information brain injury employee attorney lawsuit compensation sue
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    When you have a stroke at work that is covered by worker’s compensation, you need someone to stand by you to help you negotiate for all of the money that you deserve. We are here whenever you need us to offer a free consultation on your case, and we will go over your next steps if you have had a stroke at work. Just give us a call today to discuss the particulars of your case right now.

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