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    Can a Motorcycle Accident Cause a Stroke?

    Can a Motorcycle Accident Cause a Stroke injury lawsuit incident attorney lawyer

    Yes, a motorcycle accident can cause a serious stroke. It can cause a stroke, and it can cause a brain aneurysm. It is not unusual that a traumatic brain injury can cause a bleeding in the brain, which can lead naturally to a stroke and cause serious permanent injuries to the victim of the accident.

    Motorcycle accidents can be with different types of vehicles, including:

    • Two-wheeled motorcycle
    • Three-wheeled motorcycle
    • Motorcycle with side-car

    If this has happened to you, you need to call us right now, to discuss your case in confidence with knowledgeable attorneys who know exactly what to do in this type of case.

    Symptoms of a Stroke

    The symptoms of a stroke include:

    • Conjugate deviation
    • Dysarthria
    • Anisocoria
    • Convulsion
    • Nausea or vomiting
    • Facial palsy
    • Paralysis of upper or lower limbs
    • Unilateral spatial neglect
    • Headache
    • Numbness
    • Dizziness
    • High blood pressure
    • Arrhythmia
    • Loss of consciousness
    • Aphasia
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    How Does a Stroke Occur?

    There are several ways that a stroke can begin in a person’s body. There are definite stages that lead up to a person having a stroke. First, the blood vessels that bring blood to the brain in a person’s arteries are blocked. This will prevent life-giving blood from going to the brain, and will create an emergency that can kill the individual if help is not forthcoming. Second, plaque and blood clots can build up in a person’s arteries, and when the clot blocks blood to the brain, there will be a stroke.

    Any time that there is bleeding in the brain, damage to the arteries that supply blood to the brain, or damage to the brain skull region, there will be a high risk of a stroke developing. When the brain is injured, it can start to swell, and there is nowhere for the pressure to go. Some of these injuries on a motorcycle can be fatal, if the person develops a stroke after a motorcycle accident.

    Types of Strokes

    The different types of strokes are as follows.

    Ischemic Stroke – This is a common type of stroke that occurs when an artery to the brain is blocked by a blood clot of some type, such as an embolic or thrombotic stroke.

    Embolic Stroke – This is a blood clot in the heart or large arteries to the brain that moves and causes a stroke.

    Thrombotic Stroke – This is a blood clot that forms in the artery to the brain, causing a stroke.

    Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) – This stroke is a partially blocked artery that slows the blood flow to the brain, and is also called a “mini” stroke. The blood flow usually returns to normal, but can do some neurological damage.

    Hemorrhagic Stroke – This is a blood vessel in the brain that will break causing bleeding on the brain. There are different types of hemorrhagic strokes, such as intracerebral hemorrhage and subarachnoid hemorrhage.

    Intracerebral Hemorrhage – This is a burst blood vessel that bleeds into the brain, causing brain cells to die (can be caused by hypertension or high blood pressure).

    Subarachnoid Hemorrhage – A blood vessel can bust near the brain and the blood will leak into the space around the brain and the skull, called the subarachnoid space. Often caused by a burst aneurysm.

    Aneurysm – This is when a weak area of the artery wall bulges out and creates a thin bubble that can burst, and blood leaking around the brain causes a stroke.

    There have been several research studies showing that there is a high correlation and relationship between a vehicle accident and a stroke. The dissection of the carotid and spinal arteries, such as when a person has whiplash in an accident, can lead to a stroke. The ischemic factors and symptoms will usually not occur or present right after the accident, but can occur hours, a few days later, or even weeks after the crash. That is the reason it is difficult to diagnose a stroke at the time of the accident. A dissection can heal itself in weeks to months, but there may be neurological damage that has already taken place to cause a stroke. The person can suffer a transient ischemic stroke, with partial loss of blood flow to the brain. Without other symptoms, a person can have a mini stroke and not even know it.

    Can I Sue for a Stroke After a Motorcycle Accident?

    Yes, you can sue for a stroke after a motorcycle accident. A motorcycle accident can definitely cause a stroke, especially when there is serious and blunt trauma to the brain. If you had a stroke after a motorcycle accident, you can sue to get compensation to help you to pay for the unexpected medical bills and lost wages that are associated with this type of accident. You need to call our office now, to discuss your motorcycle accident case value after a stroke. Each case is different, and we can help you determine the value of the case once we have seen the medical diagnosis for your personal injuries.

    Can Being in a Motorcycle Accident Cause You to Have a Brain Aneurysm?

    Yes, being a motorcycle accident can cause you to have a brain aneurysm. It can also cause you to have a stroke. The initial trauma from a vehicle accident that can lead to a stroke can be mild to severe. A person can have a minor neck injury to a major injury with trauma in several areas of the body and have a stroke later on. If a person has neck pain that is severe, chronic headache or other symptoms, this may be the start of a stroke from a motor vehicle accident. The problem diagnosing this type of stroke, is that there are many hurt and injured areas of the person’s body that need to be attended to at the emergency department. The stroke in those cases takes a “back seat” to any internal bleeding, or other brain traumas that need to be treated immediately to save the person’s life.

    A motorcycle accident causes a stroke because upon impact with the ground during a motorcycle accident, there can be serious and permanent brain damage, in these cases. That is why after a motorcycle accident, it can result in a stroke. If this has happened to you, you will want to file a lawsuit if your motorcycle accident resulted in a stroke or brain aneurysm. You need to call our office to talk to lawyers with experience in cases of stroke injury from a motorcycle accident or brain aneurysm after a motorcycle accident.
    Can a Motorcycle Accident Cause a Stroke injury lawsuit incident attorney lawyer sue
    Attorney Who Can Sue for a Motorcycle Accident Causing a Brain Aneurysm

    You will want to call our law firm to be on the winning team, to get with a motorcycle accident brain aneurysm lawsuit attorney. When you call our office, you will get to talk to a motorcycle accident stroke lawsuit lawyer, who knows what to do in the case of a stroke or brain aneurysm after a motorcycle accident. It is common for people to experience a brain injury after a motorcycle accident.

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    Stroke Caused by Whiplash Due to a Motorcycle Accident

    There are many cases where a motorcycle accident trauma can lead to a stroke. This situation can happen when a passenger is injured as a result of a motorcycle accident, or the driver is injured, or a pedestrian is injured because of a motorcycle accident. You need to talk to the attorneys who best understand the mechanics of this type of complex case. We are here to determine if you can prove that the motorcycle accident caused the stroke. Get on the right team, to talk with attorneys who specialize in motorcycle accident stroke lawsuits.

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