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    California Scuba Tank Failure Accident Lawyers

    California Scuba Tank Failure Accident Lawyers lawsuit lawyer attorney incident liability sue liable-

    When you examine all the gear that allows scuba divers to do what they love, two pieces of equipment are crucial to the safety and well-being of the diver. These two items are vital to their lives underwater in a way that no other item can rival. The two items are the scuba tank and the regulator. And most divers who plan to dive regularly quickly purchase their own reg to ensure its safety and functionality at all times. But the other vital item is typically rented at each dive location or on each dive charter. While the scuba tank is necessary for life underwater, they are heavy, bulky, hard to travel with, and need to be adequately serviced and maintained for safety. All these factors combined mean that most divers put their life in the hands of someone they do not know each time they dive.

    However, it is a calculated risk because all scuba tanks must be hydrostatically tested every three to five years to ensure their integrity. In addition, there are annual visual inspections of the tank’s surface and interior to check for wear or damage from use. With the recommended care and service, an aluminum scuba cylinder can last for around 20 years, and a steel tank can make it to roughly 40 years of reliable service. But all of that is predicated on proper care and service. If you have suffered a California scuba tank failure accident, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the personal injury lawyers at Kenmore Law Group to learn more about your rights and how we can help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.
    California Scuba Tank Failure Accident Lawyers sue lawsuit lawyer attorney incident liability

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    How Does A Scuba Tank Fail?
    If you ask a non-diver how a scuba tank is likely to fail, they typically say it explodes under the increased atmospheric pressure underwater. But that is far from what actually happens when a scuba tank fails. The exterior of the tanks are very durable and are designed to take abuse in the water and while on land or a dive boat. Instead, the failure issues that divers worry about are much less dramatic but every bit as life-threatening. The most typical scuba tank failure issues include:

    • Leaking Cylinders – a seasoned diver knows just how long each tank should last underwater. If a tank develops a slight leak, wise divers see the warning and potential for a more severe issue and abandon the dive with a safe accent. Watching the pressure gauge on the cylinder is what often alerts the diver of the leak and initiates a safe trip to the surface, complete with a safety stop. However, if the leak is not discovered in time, the issues become more urgent, and an emergency accent is necessary. This can provide a simple solution or create another issue depending on the depth of the dive.
    • Valve Issues – Again, seasoned divers know to check and recheck the value function on top of any scuba tank. Turn on the value and breath from the reg to ensure the value opens fully to supply the proper amount of air. But if the tank is not tested before entering the water, the issue can be life-threatening.
    • Internal Tank Corrosion – Any foreign matter inside the tank, such as rust or debris, is a health hazard for the diver. First, the microscopic particles can clog or damage the valve and regulator, blocking the diver’s air supply. In addition, breathing the particles into the lungs is harmful to the diver and can result in health issues.
    • Bad Air – Divers call it bad air, but it could be several issues, including contaminated air and improperly mixed gas. These issues all create safety and health hazards for the diver. Air that contains fumes from paint, chemicals, or even the compressor exhaust can make the air as toxic as a poorly mixed combination of oxygen and nitrogen.

    These issues are scarce when you consider the millions of dive tanks filled and used each year around the globe. But it only takes one mistake to cause severe injuries to a diver or even a loss of life. If you have suffered an injury due to a complication or failure of your scuba tank, please get in touch with the California personal injury lawyers at Kenmore Law Group. We have team members available 24/7 to assist you in scheduling a free consultation with a lawyer to discuss your case.
    Who Is To Blame For A Scuba Tank Failure?
    It can be shocking and even a little disheartening to think about all the hands that touch your scuba tank before you jump off the end of a dive boat or walk out into the blue from a beach. The list includes:

    • The dive shop employees where you rented the tanks
    • The dive boat operation that supplied the tanks
    • A company on shore that fills all the scuba tanks in the area
    • The tank manufacturer
    • The company that inspected and certified the tanks
    • The company that serviced or repaired the compressor used to fill the tanks
    • The company that delivers the tanks to the boat or dive shop where you rented them

    Seeing how many people could be to blame for the scuba tank failure you suffered can be overwhelming. Fortunately, you do not need to worry about facing this challenge alone. The staff at Kenmore Law Group is here to work with you every step of the way to ensure that you get the complete compensation that is owed you for the injuries you suffered due to a scuba tank failure.
    Waivers Do Not Remove Responsibility
    Many divers are concerned about the waiver signed when renting their dive tanks or boarding the dive boat. In most cases, the disclaimer was you verifying that you were a certified diver and would use the tanks and other dive gear correctly. When you pay for a professional service or rental, like dive tanks, you are safe in assuming that the tanks have been maintained correctly and appropriately filled. Even if you signed a waiver before getting the tanks, it does not remove the responsibility of the tank provider to deliver safe and properly functioning, and filled dive tanks.
    California Scuba Tank Failure Accident Lawyers lawsuit lawyer attorney incident liability sue
    What Is A Scuba Tank Failure Lawsuit Worth?
    The value of any personal injury lawsuit is based primarily on the losses and expenses incurred by the injury victim. In your case, the items you can seek compensation for include:

    • All your medical expenses, including airlift from the dive site, evacuation to a qualified medical facility to treat your injuries or that offer a deco chamber if needed, and all other medical services needed throughout your recovery
    • Lost wages while you heal from your injuries
    • Legal fees for your lawsuit

    In addition, your Kenmore Law Group team will help you understand the conditions that would allow you to sue for pain and suffering and punitive damages.
    How Long Will The Lawsuit Take?
    Each lawsuit is unique, and there is no way to predict how long it will take to move through the legal system. So it is vital that you contact the experts at Kenmore Law Group as soon as possible after your accident. In addition, in most cases, you will need to have your lawsuit filed with the California court system by the two-year anniversary of your accident. If you fail to meet that deadline, you will lose the right to seek damages and compensation for the scuba dive tank injuries you suffered.

    It is also essential to understand that the location of your scuba dive tank failure could impact the time allotted for you to file your lawsuit. For example, if the incident occurred in international waters, it would be handled under Maritime Law rather than the laws of the State of California. The staff at Kenmore Law Group will be able to determine from the data you provide which legal system will oversee your scuba tank failure matter.
    Why Select Kenmore Law Group T Handle Your Scuba Tank Failure Matter?
    The staff at Kenmore Law Group is constantly focused on meeting the needs of our valued clients. We understand that most of them have recently suffered severe trauma and need our help to sort out the legal matters they are facing. Our goal is to provide the information each client needs to make a wise choice about pursuing a lawsuit or other action to secure the compensation they deserve for their injuries.

    In addition, we provide our no fee guarantee so that you never need to worry about paying for legal expenses upfront. Instead, we take on your case and work diligently on your behalf so that you can focus on healing. And only after we have gotten the settlement or verdict you deserve do we get paid. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Kenmore Law Group to learn more about our expert personal injury lawyers, experience handling scuba tank failure cases, and our recommendation to get you the money you need to pay bills and begin to restore your quality of life after your California scuba tank failure injuries.

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