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    California Dog Hotel Work Injury Lawyer

    California Dog Hotel Work Injury Lawyer lawsuit lawyer incident accident liability sue bite
    As an employee at a California dog hotel, you spend your workdays providing care and entertainment for dogs that would otherwise be left alone in a kennel. In most cases, their humans are on vacation or a business trip and need a safe and dependable place and staff to care for their beloved dogs. And you have taken on a significant part of that responsibility. So you strive to remain focused on keeping the dogs happy and safe while their owners are away.

    But as with any job, there can be accidents that result in an injury. And if you have suffered an injury while working at a California dog hotel, you could be filled with questions and concerns about how you will be able to do your job and who will help you now that you are injured and in need. These questions and many more can weigh heavy on your mind as you worry about household finances, job security, and even if you will be able to make a full recovery.

    While the team at Kenmore Law Group does not have all the answers, we are here to provide a free consultation to answer any questions related to your legal rights to seek compensation for your injuries and how to move forward to get the medical care and financial help you need to make the fullest recovery possible from your workplace injuries at a dog hotel in California. So don’t hesitate to contact the Kenmore Law Group office today to request your free consultation and begin to build the plan that will allow you to move past this challenging time and return to your daily life. We are available 24/7 and ready to provide the answers and information you need to make well-informed choices about your future.
    California Dog Hotel Work Injury Lawyer sue lawsuit lawyer incident accident liability

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    Have You Heard Of Worker’s Compensation?
    In California, all employers must participate in the worker’s compensation program. It is an insurance program that benefits employers and employees when a worker is injured on the job. Employers pay into the fund that will be used to offer financial assistance to workers after they have suffered an injury while at work. In return, the employer has the security of knowing that the employee cannot sue them for more compensation in most cases. So if you were injured while working at a California dog hotel, you likely qualify for benefits from worker’s comp.
    The Benefits Offered By Worker’s Compensation
    After suffering a workplace injury, your first concern could be paying the medical bills, which can quickly add up and feel overwhelming. While working at a California dog hotel might be your perfect job, it is not known to pay high wages. You do the work because of your dedication and love for the dogs. So added medical expenses could be a severe financial hardship. In fact, you might even be wondering if you can afford to seek medical care at all. If that is your concern, please get a medical evaluation of your injuries immediately. In almost every case, worker’s compensation will pay for the care you need for workplace injuries.

    The four common benefits offered by worker’s comp include:

    • Payment of all medical care expenses related to the injury you suffered at work. This benefit includes hospital and doctor bills, therapy, rehabilitation, medical devices needed while healing, and prescription medications.
    • If your injuries prevent you from returning to work immediately, you could also qualify for partial payment of your lost wages to help cover your living expenses.
    • Partial permanent disability payments are also a benefit if you can never return to your job at the dog hotel or another similar position.
    • If you cannot return to your former job but can work in another capacity, vocational training is offered to help you learn a new skill to seek a new career after you have healed from your injuries.

    Seeking worker’s comp benefits can be complex if you are unfamiliar with the system and processes. However, the worker’s comp experts at Kenmore Law Group are here to help you open your claim and seek the benefits you deserve after your workplace injury. Contact the office today to learn more about the benefits that could help you move past this challenging life event without added debt and financial issues in the future.
    Common Workplace Accidents At A Dog Hotel
    While your focus is on keeping the dogs at the hotel safe, you might be overlooking many scenarios that create safety hazards for you and the other employees at the dog hotel. Even minor issues can result in significant injuries if they are not corrected quickly. Something as simple as a damp floor, torn rug or carpet, or an item dropped on the floor can result in:

    • Slip and fall injuries
    • Trip and fall injuries
    • Puncture wounds, lacerations, and abrasions
    • Burns
    • Injuries from falling items
    • Hazardous electrical shocks

    It is essential also to understand that even if you believe an injury to be only minor, it could be more severe than you imagine. Shock and the adrenaline that occur after a sudden fall or injury could mask the severity of the damage. So always seek a complete medical evaluation after any work related injury to ensure your safety and health.
    The Veterinarian’s Rule
    As a professional in the pet care industry, dog bites are a common injury. However, because you have chosen to work with dogs, it is not always an injury that is covered by insurance or worker’s compensation. Therefore, vets, dog groomers, pet store workers, and others who work closely with dogs need to contact the Kenmore Law Group immediately after a dog bite injury to determine if their injuries are covered under worker’s comp or if a lawsuit or other means is best to seek compensation for an injury if it is due.
    California Dog Hotel Work Injury Lawyer lawsuit lawyer incident accident liability sue
    When To File A Worker’s Comp Claim
    It is always best to notify your supervisor or employer immediately after an accident or injury at your workplace. Of course, if the injury is severe, seek medical care first, then contact the appropriate member of your company to notify them of the injury. In most cases, a company staff member should notify worker’s comp of the incident and open the claim on your behalf. However, if they fail to start the claim process, you can do it, or the team at Kenmore Law Group and help you with the worker’s comp claim.

    It is also vital to understand that you have only 30 days from the date of the injury to notify worker’s comp and begin the claim process. If you wait longer than the 30-day window, your claim and benefits could be denied. So be sure to confirm with your employer that the claim has been opened and get the information pertaining to it as soon as possible to ensure you do not lose your benefits. The worker’s comp experts at Kenmore Law Group are here 24/7 to assist you if you have questions or concerns about how the process should work and how to ensure that you have the coverage you deserve for any workplace injuries you sustained.
    What Is A Worker’s Comp Claim Worth?
    Unlike a traditional lawsuit for an injury, worker’s comp benefits only pay for specific injury-related expenses. In most cases, you will be reimbursed for any medical bills you pay, including prescriptions and devices needed for treatment. You will also be paid a percentage of your lost wages to help cover living expenses if you are unable to return to work immediately. The staff at Kenmore Law Group will help you determine which costs can be submitted for reimbursement and how to secure the benefits that are due to you after your workplace injury at the California dog hotel.
    Why Choose Kenmore Law Group?
    The team at Kenmore Law Group is dedicated to providing the legal help our clients need when they need it the most. That is why we respond to inquiries 24/7. We understand that you could have questions that need an immediate answer to help you determine what is best for you today and in the future. Our staff is also ready to provide a free consultation to discuss your injuries, the details of the incident, and how you can best recover compensation for your losses and expenses.

    In addition, we never seek any payment for our services until our job is completed. So you never need to find the money to pay legal bills while also worrying about how to afford food or rent. Instead, we only get paid after our clients get paid. This is the best way to ensure that you have the expert legal help you need, regardless of your current financial standing.

    When we say justice for all, we mean it and consistently seek to deliver it to our clients. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Kenmore Law Group today to learn more about your rights as a workplace injury victim and how we will work diligently to help you get any compensation owed to you for your injuries and losses.

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