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    California Construction Accident Injury Lawyer

    California Construction Accident Injury Lawyer lawsuit attorney liability incident liable sue

    While construction is a dangerous profession, it is vital to the continued growth and success of the California economy. California construction workers build the homes, commercial buildings, roads, and hospitals that the entire community depends on for every aspect of their lives. But while performing these essential services, the workers are constantly at risk for some of the most painful and gruesome workplace injuries imaginable.

    If you have suffered an injury while working in the California construction field, it is critical that you understand your rights. The team at Kenmore Law Group is here to ensure that you get the complete compensation due for the injuries you suffered while working on a construction site. The laws are here to protect injury victims like yourself and ensure you get the money you deserve for your service to help grow the California economy and the injuries and pain you endured while doing your job. Contact Kenmore Law Group today to request a free consultation with a California personal injury lawyer to learn more about your rights and the lengths we will go to to protect them for you and your loved ones.
    California Construction Accident Injury Lawyer sue lawsuit attorney incident liability

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    The Leading Causes Of Construction Fatalities
    You are very misled if you think that construction injuries are typically minor. According to OSHA, the four most common causes of construction fatalities are also widespread severe injuries not resulting in a loss of life. These injuries are caused by the following:

    • Falls – Falls account for over a third of all fatalities and countless life-altering injuries to construction workers each year
    • Struck By Object – These incidents account for almost 10% of all fatalities and a substantial number of severe injuries each year
    • Caught In Or Between – Over 5% of all construction site deaths are caused when a worker falls into or is crushed between equipment or objects and resulting in many permanent disabilities
    • Electrocution – Few construction workers would guess that nearly 10% of all construction deaths are related to electricity, as are numerous significant injuries

    Sadly, most construction workers never realize or contemplate the hazards surrounding them daily when they go to work. They simply do their jobs to provide for their family and contribute to the community. But any construction worker could be injured as an innocent bystander even after taking all the proper safety precautions when these events occur on a construction site:

    • Welding Accident
    • Building Or Scaffolding Collapse
    • Fire
    • Explosion
    • Heavy Equipment Or Tool Failure

    If you have suffered an injury while working on a California construction site, you deserve total compensation for your injuries. The staff at Kenmore Law Group is here to help you sort through the details of the event and determine who is liable for your injuries and the expenses you have incurred as a result. Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation.
    You Have More Than One Option
    Most construction workers are well aware of worker’s compensation and the benefits they offer to cover medical bills and partial lost wages. However, that is not all you might be entitled to for the injuries and pain you have endured. When an accident can be traced back to someone’s negligence, additional options are open to injury victims like yourself. The personal injury lawyers at Kenmore Law Group are here to help you understand how you could be able to seek additional compensation through a civil lawsuit if any of the following parties are found to be negligent and liable for your injuries:

    • Property Owners
    • Construction Supervisors
    • General Contractors
    • Subcontractors
    • Designers, Engineers, Or Architects
    • Tool Manufacturers
    • Heavy Equipment Manufacturers
    • Equipment Rental Companies

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kenmore Law Group today to discuss your injuries and the event that caused them to determine if you could be eligible for added compensation due to the negligence of someone working at or related to the construction site where your injuries occurred.
    What Are The Time Limits For Filing A Lawsuit?
    Many construction workers are never made aware of the potential for a claim against any party involved in the construction project where they were injured. Instead, they are told to take advantage of the worker’s comp benefits and be glad to have them. However, the responsible parties know that, in most cases, all they need to do is keep the injured workers from filing a civil claim for two years after the date of their injuries. This two-year time is the Statute of Limitations for most personal injury cases. And if you do not file within two years, you lose the right to make a claim.

    However, if the party at fault is a government agency or the job is a typical prevailing wage project, you have only six months to file your claim. The Statute of Limitations is much shorter when a government agency is involved. So contact the experts at Kenmore Law Group as soon as possible after your California construction accident injury to determine if you have a right to file a civil lawsuit to recover the total compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses.
    California Construction Accident Injury Lawyer sue lawsuit attorney liability incident liable
    What Is The Possible Value Of A Construction Injury Civil Lawsuit?
    The only way to determine the possible amount of your verdict or settlement is to meet with the team at Kenmore Law Group. The staff will help you determine which expenses and losses can be included in your civil case. If you have opened a claim with worker’s comp for medical bills and lost wages, you will not be able to reclaim those amounts in a civil case. However, the typical items included in a civil case include:

    • Medical bills
    • Lost wages
    • Legal fees
    • Personal Property Damages
    • Pain and suffering
    • Punitive damages

    Your legal team at Kenmore Law Group will assist you in evaluating the expenses you incurred that qualify for inclusion in your civil case.
    Why Choose Kenmore Law Group To Represent You?
    The team at Kenmore Law Group is here to see that justice is served for every personal injury victim in California. In addition, we want to ensure that each injury victim gets the total compensation owed for their injuries and the suffering they have endured. So when you attend your free consultation with our personal injury lawyer and staff, they will get you to know you and your needs and determine how we can help you get everything that should be paid to you. We hope our dedication and commitment to your best interest will allow you to stop worrying about financial challenges and focus entirely on healing and your full recovery.

    Finally, to demonstrate our dedication to our clients, we never ask for any upfront payments for our services. Instead, we focus on winning your case and securing a settlement or verdict in your favor. We believe that our payment has been earned only after you have been paid. You only got paid after completing your hard work, and we live by the same code.

    You deserve justice for your injuries, and if we fail to get that justice for you, then you owe us nothing. If you fail to complete your work, you would not have been paid, and we work under the same commitment and level of dedication to our clients. Please get in touch with Kenmore Law Group today to learn more about the possibility of added compensation for your California construction accident injuries.

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