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    Broken Tile Trip And Fall Injury Lawyer

    Broken Tile Trip And Fall Injury Lawyer attorney sue lawsuit compensation liability
    Many people would be shocked to learn that they walk across dozens of tile surfaces each time they leave their homes. Most people rarely look down unless they are stepping off a curb, onto steps, or some other significant transition in the flooring surface. It is not until suffering a broken tile trip and fall injury do you stop and think about the hazardous conditions that can be created by what appears to be minor damage to a piece of flooring tile. Then a little research will reveal that millions of falls and emergency room visits each year are caused by issues with a tile floor.

    If you find yourself injured because of a trip and fall accident related to a broken tile, the Kenmore Law Group is here to help you understand your legal rights and how to seek the compensation you deserve. Our staff answers questions 24/7 and schedules free personal consultations with the industry’s best California broken tile trip and fall injury lawyers. Please get in touch with our office today to begin taking steps to understand how the owner of the property where you were injured could be responsible for your injury, medical bills, and other losses due to the fall.

    Why Is Tile Flooring So Common?
    After a fall due to broken tiles, it is common to begin noticing how many buildings have tile flooring. And you wonder why the surface is so prevalent when it can be hazardous. Many commercial properties install tile because the surface is very durable. It will withstand decades of heavy foot traffic, is easy to clean, and requires little care other than an occasional mopping. It is also impervious to moisture, so there are no issues like dealing with soggy carpets. Thrifty property owners install tile knowing it represents a good return on investment. However, that choice can be questionable when an issue arises.
    Broken Tile Trip And Fall Injury Lawyer sue lawsuit attorney compensation liability incident accident

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    The Hazards Of A Tile Floor
    Ironically, part of the most desirable feature of tile, its durability, can also be one of its worst features. When a visitor falls on a hard tile floor, the injuries are often much more severe than might occur with carpet flooring. In addition, many instances turn a smooth tile floor into a treacherous surface for pedestrians to navigate. Some of those issues include:

    • Damaged or broken tiles create a trip and fall hazard
    • Missing tiles that make an uneven and unsafe surface
    • Loose tiles that do not provide stable footing
    • Uneven or poorly installed tile
    • Defective tile that has no texture to provide grip to the walking surface
    • Smooth wall tile mistakenly installed on a floor, creating a very slippery surface
    • Wet tile near an exterior door
    • Freshly mopped tile that is still moist and slippery

    If you were injured by a broken tile trip and fall accident or any other tile damage, please get in touch with the Kenmore Law Group as soon as possible. We are here to help you understand your right to compensation for your injuries and how to move forward with a broken tile trip and fall lawsuit.

    Severe Injuries Due To A Trip And Fall
    Most people think of a minor stumble that might result in a few bruises when they consider a trip and fall inside a building. However, it is essential to note that many severe injuries can result from a broken tile trip and fall accident. Tile is often used on landings and can cause the victim to fall down a flight of steps, leading to life-altering or even life-threatening injuries. Some of the more severe broken tile trip and fall injuries include:

    • Broken or fractured arms, legs, ribs, collarbone, vertebrae, or tailbone
    • Dislocation of the ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, wrist, or finger
    • Internal organ damage or internal bleeding
    • Spine, neck, and spinal cord damage
    • Head injuries, including traumatic brain injuries
    • Facial injuries involving the nose, teeth, mouth, and eyes
    • Lacerations requiring stitches, skin grafts, or plastic surgery

    If you have suffered an injury resulting from a broken tile trip and fall accident, please know that the Kenmore Law Group is here to fight for your right to full and fair compensation so that you can focus your energy on healing.

    broken tile trip and fall injury lawyer attorney sue lawsuit
    Understanding Who Is To Blame For Your Injuries
    When you have suffered an injury such as tripping and falling over a broken tile, it can be challenging to do more than try to alleviate the pain and discomfort. But after seeking professional medical care, it is essential to begin examining the situation surrounding your trip and fall and who is financially responsible for your medical bills and other losses.

    Considering premises liability is the key to understanding who is responsible. These laws govern a property owner’s obligation to keep their property safe and hazard-free. In your case, the property owner should have repaired the broken tile or placed a warning about the hazard until it could be eliminated. If the property owner fails to make the necessary repairs, they are in breach of duty of care. In addition, they can be held financially responsible for any injuries or damages resulting from the hazard.

    Where the premises liability concept becomes more complicated is when you are in a public space like a:

    • Office building
    • School
    • Medical Facility
    • Shopping mall
    • Store
    • Hotel
    • Apartment building
    • Structure at a public park
    • Recreation facility owned by a homeowners association
    • A public building like a courthouse or police station

    In these cases, the team at Kenmore Law Group will help by determining the owner of the property and explaining how that information can impact the Statute of Limitations on your lawsuit.

    Timing Factors And The Value Of Your Lawsuit
    The owner of the property where you suffered your injuries is a critical piece of information. In most cases in California, the Statute of Limitations to file an injury claim is two years. However, if the property is owned by a government entity like a city or the state, the time is reduced to six months from the date of your injury. The team at Kenmore Law Group will help you work within this time frame to ensure you do not lose your right to seek compensation for your losses and injuries.

    In addition, the team will work with you to ensure that you are gathering all the information needed to evaluate your expenses related to your medical care, property damage, lost wages, legal expenses, and other costs related to the injuries you sustained. All that data is used to determine the amount of your settlement request.

    We Only Get Paid If You Get Paid
    At Kenmore Law Group, we work for free until we secure the settlement or verdict you deserve for your injuries and losses. If we do not win your case, you owe us nothing. We believe financial complications are never a reason for an injury victim to forego a lawsuit and receive full and fair compensation for their pain, losses, and medical care. Contact our office today for a free consultation or a second opinion if another law firm has refused to take your case. We are here to see that justice serves every community member equally.

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