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    Broken Surgical Screw Lawsuit Lawyer

    Broken Surgical Screw Lawsuit Lawyer attorney sue compensation lawsuit malpractice surgery

    When Are Surgical Screws Needed to Be Implanted in the Body?

    There are many surgical procedures that use surgical screws. Back fusion cases, when there are broken bones, and when your internal structures need special support – a surgical screw will be implanted to give you the support you need to heal from an accident or injury.

    Surgical screws can break after they are inserted into a person’s body. Surgical screws are used to help repair bones, and manage damage to internal structures. These implants can break for a good reason, bad reason or no reason. They need to be placed correctly to ensure that there will be no problems for the person after the implant is completed.

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    Why Do Surgical Screws Break?

    Sometimes implants break because they are defective. Other times, an implant can break because it was inserted and implanted wrong. Once an implant is put in wrong, the implant can be extremely difficult to remove. In these cases, there will be a case for medical malpractice. Often when an implant must be removed, they are hard to get to in the person’s body.

    Even trying to remove a broken implant is fraught with difficulties, because the removal surgery can drive the implant further into the person’s body, just trying to get it out! Broken rods, broken heads of implanted screws, have problems that can make recovery difficult to impossible, because of a broken screw. Sometimes, the decision is made to leave in a broken screw, if the spinal fusion is already completed, and taking out the screw will not benefit the person.

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    We offer a zero-fee guarantee. Are you wondering what that promise would mean for you, when you have a broken surgical screw? It simply means that we do not require any up-front fees from you on your end to start working on your broken surgical screw case.

    Can I Sue for a Broken Surgical Screw?

    Yes, we can sue for a broken surgical screw. The process to take out a broken screw is complicated and difficult to perform. It includes the surgeon making an assessment to remove a broken screw, then:

    • Managing anesthesia for the patient during the surgery
    • Making an incision over the first incision to keep down scarring
    • Identify and find the affected broken hardware
    • Remove the hardware with the correct surgical tools
    • Irrigate the wound if necessary
    • Closure of the wound properly

    Risks of Surgery to Remove a Broken Surgical Screw

    There are many risks to removal of a broken surgical screw. These risks are serious, and can be ongoing for several weeks, months or years after the follow up surgical procedure is performed. The risks also can come with serious complications as well, for the person suffering with a broken screw in his or her body.

    The risks of surgical removal of a broken screw are:

    • Infection after the second procedure
    • Issues with proper healing of the wound after the surgery
    • Stiffness of the joints
    • Nerve injury and numbness, tingling or pins feelings after the surgery
    • Risks of deep venous thrombosis or pulmonary embolism
    • Complications related to receiving the anesthesia
    • Drug allergies or contra events
    • Ongoing pain even after the broken screw is removed

    It is very scary to wonder what is going to happen with your claim for a broken surgical screw, left in your body. This is the reason that you need to call our Los Angeles case lawyers now. We can review your broken surgical screw case, and can file a lawsuit, and expertly evaluate your case to get a winning strategy for you. When you call our law office, our case attorneys in Los Angeles can sue for you, and manage the scope of your lawsuit to get you the money you need in recovery compensation right now.

    Why Do I Need an Attorney for a Broken Surgical Screw Claim?

    You will want to talk to an attorney who has experience managing a claim for medical malpractice, broken surgical screws and for medical injuries and second surgeries. We have to ask you, isn’t it time for you to talk to a lawyer, who can get this situation sorted out once and for all? When you call our office, you’ll get to talk to an attorney you can trust.

    Our legal team is made up of attorneys who are ready to start this action for you, and get you the recovery compensation that you need for your weeks, months and years for final recovery time. Your medical bills will start coming in right about now. We will help you with your lawsuit against the at fault parties. Understand that your lawsuit is of utmost importance to us, and we are here for you every step of the way.
    Broken Surgical Screw Lawsuit Lawyer attorney compensation lawsuit malpractice surgery sue
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    You are entitled to a free opinion, any time you want it. In the case of a broken surgical screw malpractice claim, just think about how you feel right now about your lawsuit? If you call our office, you will be feeling strong and confident, because we will get you the recovery compensation that you need for this type of serious injury.

    These cases are not cut and dried, there are complex strategies that need to be in place to win. You might have more questions about the process of starting a lawsuit for a broken surgical screw, and if you do, we are here to answer them for you. If you are having issues with your current attorney, there is no harm in just giving us a call today, to get a confidential second opinion about your lawsuit.

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    When you have the case of a broken surgical screw, you need to speak to a knowledgeable attorney right away. You can just give us a call today, and we will go over your next steps in this type of a case. We will review the severity of your personal injuries, and give you more information about your lawsuit for a broken surgical screw. Just call now!

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