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Broken Stair Accident Lawsuit – Injury Lawyer

broken stairs accident lawsuit injury lawyer sue attorney compensation

Broken stairs are some of the most common causes of accidents in stores and large outlets. As a customer, you should not have to worry about any potential injuries while out shopping. You should be protected by the property owner, and if you suffer damages because of the owner’s negligence, you can take legal action. Our attorneys at the Kenmore Law Group can help you file a broken staircase accident lawsuit if you were hurt.

Defective Staircases

Staircases can be defective in a number of ways. Examples include:

  • Slippery steps
  • Lack of grip tape on the edges of stairs
  • Broken, detached, or slippery guardrails
  • Lack of guardrails and handrails
  • Weather damage
  • Sunken steps
  • Collapsed foundation

These kinds of defects can happen for any number of reasons, whether due to wear and tear over time, sudden trauma to the building or staircase, earthquakes, or usage of poor materials. No matter what, though, it is crucial that the property owner try to fix the broken steps immediately, or provide sufficient warnings to anyone who is nearby. If he can provide another safe way of getting somewhere on the property without using the steps, he should do so.

Premises Liability Information for Broken Stair Lawsuits

Broken steps or stairs are common causes of accidents, and if you were hurt, you may be able to claim that the property owner was negligent, and thus, liable. Property owners should all be acutely aware of safety of their premises, and they should know if there are any dangers that could be present on or within them. The first step of any premises liability claim is to show that you were a legal guest on the property. There are three types of guests:

  • Invitees, who are given the highest duty of care and protection, and are usually considered paying customers or patrons; they are on the property for a mutual benefit with the owner, like an exchange of goods and services
  • Licensees, who are given slightly less care, since they are often social guests or the like; they are expected to have some understanding of any potential dangers
  • Trespassers, who have no legal right to be on the property; they have the fewest rights and least protection in the law, but they still cannot be outright targeted with traps – nor can they be taken to court or sued if they use a common path like many others do, such as a shortcut through an open yard

You will have the strongest premises liability claim if you were an invitee in a store of some kind. Next, you also must be able to prove that the property owner was negligent. There are three ways that you can prove the negligence of the manager or owner, which include the following:

  • The property owner knew that there was a hazard with the stairs but did not try to fix it, or he did not provide sufficient warning signs or hazard signs to let guests know about the dangers
  • The property owner caused the hazard with the stairs
  • The property owner was not aware that the stairs were broken or defective, but other property owners would reasonably have known, such as by conducting inspections or checking up on the location

Stairs are usually highly frequented and it is important that they are safe. If a broken staircase accident occurs, there can be serious injuries.

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Types of Injuries in Broken Stair Falls

Falling down broken stairs or collapsed stairs can be very dangerous. You may not be able to quickly brace for the fall or break the impact, and if you are holding bags or merchandise, you could have no free hands to help prevent damage. Injuries can worsen the further down the steps you fall. Some of the injuries that you can suffer from falling down broken stairs include:

  • Broken bones
  • Muscle strains
  • Sprains
  • Fractures
  • Dislocations
  • Concussions
  • Closed head injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Hemorrhages
  • Lacerations and abrasions
  • Neck and spinal cord damages
  • Internal organ damages
  • CRPS
  • Internal bleeding
  • Nerve damage
  • Torn muscles
  • Paraplegia and quadriplegia
  • Coma
  • Death

You may have suffered different injuries in that past that could be easily aggravated by a fall down the broken staircase, as well. Some of these damages need immediate treatment or they can lead to permanent problems. It is crucial that you get medical assistance quickly.

How to Sue for a Broken Stair Fall Injury

If you wish to file a lawsuit against a company because you fell down broken stairs, you will need to show that you were injured in the incident. Therefore, it is crucial that you go to the hospital quickly to get medical treatment for your damages. You should ask for doctor’s statements, insurance billing papers, treatment summaries, nurse statements, and more from the hospital. It is also wise that you pursue treatment as quickly as possible so that your damages do not worsen over time, and so that your claim is not negatively affected. A delay between the incident and the treatment can be suspicious to the insurance agent handling it.

You will need pictures of the injuries you suffered, especially if you tend to heal fast or if the damages were primarily internal. You can take pictures of the scene of the incident where the stairs were broken, too. It is also wise to request video footage or security camera tapes ,if possible, but the business is not likely to give them to you if they know that you plan to file a lawsuit.

You can interview eyewitnesses who were nearby and saw the incident happen. Adding their statements to your claim will improve its validity. You may also be able to join a class action lawsuit if numerous individuals were hurt because of a broken staircase. However, this means that every party will receive a diminished settlement, as the total compensation will be split amongst everyone.

You will need to collect the information about the property owner or manager, the insurance details of the store, and more. You can also file an incident report to alert the business to the accident.

Finally, it is in your best interest to find a premises liability attorney who can handle your case for you. You may have no legal experience, whether in negotiating or utilizing the law to prove a claim. Without it, your claim will suffer. Our attorneys can focus on winning your case for you while you tend to your injuries.

broken stairs accident lawsuit injury lawyer attorney compensation sue
Average Settlement for Broken Stair Accidents
p class=”western”>Your claim may be worth a large amount of money if you were injured because of the negligence of a property owner or individuals who were supposed to keep the premises safe. You may be able to earn various types of coverage from the entity that can ensure that you do not have any debts. Generally, broken stair accident claims can result in thousands of dollars, but only if you have sufficient evidence and skill in negotiating. Insurance agents will be handling the claim and will try to make it so that you do not receive much at all. They will weigh your claim according to the severity of the injuries you sustained, the impact the injuries had on your career and life, your age, your work field, and how liable you were for the incident. That is, if you caused the stairs to break, you may not receive nearly as much as if you hadn’t done anything and were still hurt. Our goal is to bring you every penny you need. We will negotiate a fair deal from the agency to secure you coverage for the following:

  • Medical bills, including surgery costs, hospitalization fees, prescription fees, and physical therapy sessions that arise from the accident, as well as the costs for future surgeries and medical treatments
  • Lost wages, or income that you could not earn due to recovery time, injuries, or treatments; this income coverage may include bonuses, commissions, and more; you can also receive future lost income if you would be unable to work for a time
  • Property damage, or any damages done to your personal items, like jewelry, cell phone, and more, including lost belongings
  • Pain and suffering damages, or emotional damages, which include fear, anxiety, PTSD, psychological scarring, mental trauma, and more.

You may not have any legal experience, which can be a detriment to your case. It will be difficult for you to secure everything you need if you have never negotiated a deal, or if you do not know how to utilize the law to the best of your advantage. Our attorneys can work around the clock to ensure you are wholly covered for the losses you suffered.

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Further, if you hire us, we’ll give you our zero fee guarantee on your claim. This means that you won’t have to pay any expenses out of pocket – we cover all costs, and if we win, our fees are taken care of by the company or property owner. If we lose, we receive nothing at all.

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