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    How often do you eat at restaurants? Even if you do not frequent restaurants too often, you might have sat in a chair only to find that the chair seemed dangerous. If you sat in a chair that seemed unstable, you might have instinctively changed your chair. However, not all people notice that there is something wrong with their chair until after the chair causes an injury.

    You could suffer a chair accident in any restaurant—fast-food or upscale, alike. Some of the most popular Los Angeles restaurants include the following: Chick-fil-A, Wienerschnitzel, Wendy’s, Del Taco, Five Guys, In-N-Out, Arby’s, Carl’s Jr., Jack in the Box, Burger King, McDonalds, Olive Garden, Home Town Buffet, Denny’s, IHOP, Chipotle, Cheesecake Factory, Sizzlers, Friday’s, BJ’s, Church’s Chicken, KFC, Popeyes, Taco Bell, El Pollo Loco, Red Robin, Red Lobster, Yard House, P.F. Chang’s, Outback Steakhouse, and Buffalo Wild Wings, for instance.

    Regardless of the type of restaurant, there could be issues with their chairs that could injure their patrons. If you were injured in a restaurant after sitting in a chair that was in poor condition, you might have grounds to file a claim against the restaurant. If you were injured in a restaurant, you must seek legal assistance from injury attorneys in Los Angeles that handle broken chair lawsuits. If you would like to discuss your claim with chair collapse attorneys in Los Angeles, CA, you must contact Kenmore Law Group as soon as possible.

    Kenmore Law Group is a personal injury law firm dedicated to fighting for the rights of all victims affected by personal injury accidents—including chair accidents at restaurants. At Kenmore Law Group, our lawyers have many years of experience handling injury claims against restaurants. If you would like to discuss your claim with one of our lawyers with experience in broken chair cases, you must contact our law firm as soon as possible. Our lawyers will provide you with all the information necessary to file a claim against the restaurant after a chair incident.

    The Common Causes of Chair Collapses

    Why would a chair suddenly break under you? Why would you fall from a chair? Chairs could break for a variety of reasons. For example, chairs could be assembled incorrectly, missing important screws, or missing pieces. The condition of chairs could also deteriorate from normal wear. If restaurant management fails to identify and address chairs that are in substandard condition, their lack of action could also cause chair accidents. Likewise, defective chairs could also cause accidents. Regardless of the cause of your chair accident in a restaurant, you likely sustained a variety of injuries.

    The Common Injuries Caused by Collapsing Chairs

    Can I sue a restaurant if a chair broke causing me injuries? Yes, you can file a lawsuit against the restaurant regardless of the injuries that you sustained. Some of the most common injuries that result from chair accidents included the following: head injuries (like concussions), broken hips, broken arms, leg injuries, neck injuries, back injuries, shoulder injuries, spinal cord injuries, scrapes, lacerations, and a variety of other injuries. If you suffered any type of injuries as a result of a chair in a restaurant, you must seek legal assistance as soon as possible. You might have grounds to file a lawsuit and receive compensation for your injuries. You must discuss your chair incident with a lawyer that has experience in chair collapse cases as soon as possible.

    Can I Sue if a Chair at a Restaurant Broke and I got injured?

    Yes, you can sue if a chair at the restaurant broke. You have the right to file a lawsuit and sue the restaurant for your injuries. If the chair broke, you fell backwards, and hit your head on the floor because the restaurant manager failed to address the broken chair, you could file a broken chair lawsuit. For more information about your right to file a lawsuit against a restaurant, you must contact our firm as soon as possible.

    Restaurant Liability for Chair Accidents

    Can I sue a restaurant for my chair accident? To have grounds to file a lawsuit, a party’s negligence must have resulted in your accident and in your injuries. For instance, if the chair broke under you because it was poorly maintained by management, the restaurant is likely to be liable. Restaurant management has the responsibility to keep the restaurant premises free of any hazards or risks of injuries, which means that their chairs have to be in acceptable condition. If you fell from the chair and you suffered a concussion because the restaurant manager failed to fix a chair that had already caused issues, the restaurant is also likely to be liable. Likewise, if you cut your finger on a broken chair that management knew was broken, the restaurant is likely liable. Liability for broken chair injuries is based on negligence by the restaurant. In other words, the restaurant owed their patrons a duty of care, which they breached when they failed to identify and address the hazardous chair. The breach of duty caused an accident (e.g. falling from the chair) which resulted in the victim’s injuries. If your chair accident injuries were a direct result of negligence, you might have grounds to file a lawsuit and receive compensation. For more information about the restaurant’s liability for your injuries, you must contact a chair collapse injury attorney in Los Angeles at your earliest convenience.

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    Chair Collapses and Defective Products

    As mentioned above, the restaurant where you experienced falling off a chair could be liable for the harm that you suffered. However, other parties or entities could also be liable for your accident and your injuries. What if the chair that you sat in and fell off of was simply a bad chair? What if the problem was that the chair’s design was hazardous? What if the chair was manufactured defectively? Although unfortunate, many companies that sell chairs to restaurants send out defective chairs that pose severe risks to the public. Do you have the right to sue if your chair accident was caused by a defective chair? Yes, you could sue the manufacturer for a defective chair that broke. Your right to sue is based on strict liability. Companies are strictly liable for the harm suffered by any defective products that they make available to the public. To file a product liability claim against the company that sold the restaurant the chairs, at least one of the following must be present: a defect in the product’s design, a defect in the product’s manufacturing, a defect in the product’s labeling. If you fell and hit your head on the floor because of a defective chair, for example, you could file a product liability claim against the manufacturer and be compensated for your injuries. If you would like to learn more about your right to file a product liability lawsuit after you were harmed by a chair in a restaurant, you must contact our law firm immediately. Our attorneys will provide you with all the information necessary to help you understand your right to file a product liability claim.

    Your Right to Recover Compensation

    If you were injured after falling from a broken bench or broken seat, you might be eligible to receive compensation. To learn more about the compensation that you might be eligible to receive, you must speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Your right to recover compensation—the specific type and amount that you receive—depends on the details of your chair injury claim. Because of that, you must discuss your claim with an attorney before you assume or make an unfounded estimate of what you could receive.

    Every chair injury claim is different; however, some victims are eligible to recover the following categories of compensation:

    • Medical expenses (for the costs associated with your injuries and treatment for your injuries)
    • Lost wages (for the income that you lost as a result of your accident and injuries)
    • Pain and suffering (for the mental and emotional distress that resulted from your accident and your injuries)
    • Loss of consortium (awarded to family members for the loss of ability to have a normal relationship with the victim after the accident)
    • Funeral and burial costs (awarded to family members for the costs associated with death services)
    • Punitive damages (awarded as punishment to the defendant)

    There are many types of compensation that might apply to your claim; however, you must never make any assumptions before meeting with an experienced lawyer. When you allow our Kenmore Law Group chair injury lawyers, you could trust that they will actively fight for your right to recover the maximum amount of compensation available for your chair injury claim.

    How much could you receive? As previously mentioned, the amount of compensation that you could recover depends on the details of your claims. Consider the following past settlements and verdicts for chair injury claims:

    • $125,000—the victim sat in a chair that collapsed underneath her; the fall resulted in both hip injuries and spinal cord injuries.
    • $175,000—the victim fell after sitting in a defective chair; she suffered arm injuries as a result of her fall.
    • $180,000—the victim unknowingly sat in a broken chair that collapsed and caused her to fall onto the floor; the fall resulted in hip injuries.
    • $450,000—the victim’s chair suddenly broke underneath him resulting in a herniated disc.
    • $1.5 million—the victim suffered a variety of injuries because of a broken chair.

    As you can see, the value associated with chair injuries varies. Because of that, you must seek legal assistance immediately and discuss your claim with our lawyers. Our lawyers will provide you with all the information that you need to understand the potential value of your claim. If you are ready to discuss your claim with an experienced chair injury attorney, do not hesitate to contact our law firm.
    broken chair collapse premise liability lawsuit sue

    What Should You Do?

    What should you do after your chair accident? Although you might not immediately think of filing a claim against the restaurant, you could still benefit from acting with urgency after your chair accident. You might be wondering how to sue a restaurant for a broken chair. After your restaurant chair accident, you should do all of the following to preserve your right to sue:

    • Take photos of the scene of your accident
    • Take photos of the defective chair, if applicable
    • Take photos of your injuries
    • Speak with management and file an incident report
    • Collect witness contact information
    • Note any surveillance cameras that might have captured your accident
    • Seek medical attention for your injuries
    • Contact an attorney

    There is no particular order in which you should follow the steps; however, it is important that you do everything listed above to preserve your right to file a claim and recover compensation for your injuries.

    Kenmore Law Group

    If you would like to meet with our lawyers to discuss your claim, you must contact our firm and inquire about benefiting from our free consultations and free second opinions. During our free consultations and free second opinions, our experienced chair injury lawyers will be available to answer all your questions and address all your concerns—even if your claim was negatively affected by the incompetence of a lawyer at another law firm. Whether you are interested in beginning or continuing your claim, you could trust our attorneys to provide you with all the information that you need to reach a successful outcome for your chair injury claim.

    Our firm offers a Zero-Fee guarantee that ensures that all our clients will have access to our services without having to worry about paying any upfront legal fees. Our firm is also based on contingency; clients will not be required to pay legal fees until after reaching a successful outcome—contact us today.

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