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    Broken Park Bench Injury Attorney

    Broken Park Bench Injury Attorney lawyer sue lawsuit compensation incident

    Taking a brief walk outdoors is common for many people to decompress from their hectic life and an overbooked schedule. It might be the choice to walk to the next appointment or the market for a few groceries, providing the time needed to clear your mind and exercise. And when time permits, most people enjoy taking just a few minutes to sit outdoors and relax on a park bench. It is a simple act that can provide great calm unless that park bench happens to be broken or damaged.

    You might think that a tumble just a foot and a half off the ground would not cause any injuries, but that is rarely true. Sadly, many victims of a broken park bench sustain injuries that require emergency medical attention and possibly even long-term treatment. If you have suffered an injury due to a damaged or broken park bench, you are sure to understand that the injuries can be far more severe than the damage to your pride and the initial embarrassment of your public fall.

    However, now that you have had time to reflect on the incident and feel the aches and pains that come with a fall from a broken park bench, you are wondering how to proceed. The staff at Kenmore Law Group wants all park bench injury victims to understand that they are not alone. And that they have rights as a personal injury victim. Our staff is available 24/7 to answer your questions about seeking compensation for your injuries and losses. Don’t hesitate to contact Kenmore Law Group today to discuss the details of your incident during a free consultation with a broken park bench injury attorney to better understand your rights and how to protect your financial future.

    Broken Park Bench Injury Attorney compensation incident attorney lawyer sue lawsuit liability

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    Who Is To Blame For Your Broken Park Bench Injuries?
    When you slip and fall in a grocery store or an office building, it is relatively easy to know who could be responsible for your injuries. However, when you suffer injuries from a broken park bench, the possible liable parties can be considerably longer. When the injuries occurred, you might have been in a public park or even at a bus stop. And the thought of trying to determine who is responsible for that bench can feel overwhelming.

    Fortunately, the staff at Kenmore Law Group is here to handle all the tedious work required to know who is responsible for the care of the bench and possibly your injuries. In most cases, premises liability will allow our experts to determine if the bench owner failed to meet their duty of care and provide a safe and hazard-free bench, making them liable for your injuries. In addition, we will track down the owner or responsible party if you have grounds to file a broken park bench injury lawsuit. Some of the commonly accountable parties for a broken park bench injury include:

    • The town or municipality if the bench was in a public park or along the city street
    • The state or federal government could be responsible if the bench were on their property, such as a DMV location, city hall, or other government facility property
    • A school system could be liable if the bench were on public school property
    • A company or business could be responsible if the bench were on their property or if it was at a private school they own or operate
    • A charitable foundation could be responsible if the bench were on their property
    • The bench could belong to a church or other place of worship

    In addition to the bench or property owner, there can also be other parties who bear responsibility for the care of the bench that caused your injuries. In many cases, a professional service cares for benches in public areas or landscaped areas. So the liable party could include:

    • A maintenance or landscape service caring for the space where the bench was located
    • A security company overseeing the space
    • The manufacturer of the bench, if it is determined to be defective
    • The company that installed the park bench if it is found to be improperly installed

    While all of this sounds overwhelming to the victim of a broken park bench, rest assured, it is nothing that the team at Kenmore Law Group cannot handle and has not handled for many clients in the past. We will work diligently to locate any responsible party to determine if you have grounds to file a broken park bench injury lawsuit to secure the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

    What Is The Value Of A Broken Park Bench Injury Lawsuit?
    Most personal injury victims believe that there are predetermined values for lawsuits. However, when they speak to a Kenmore Law Group broken park bench injury attorney, they discover that each lawsuit value is determined based on the losses and expenses of the victim. To determine the value of your broken park bench injury lawsuit, you will work closely with your legal team at Kenmore Law Group to compile all the bills created by your injuries.

    In most personal injury cases, the expenses suffered by the victim fall into one of the following categories:

    • Medical expenses – this will include all costs related to the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of your injuries and can consist of emotional therapy, medications, and essential medical devices
    • Your lost income if the injuries you suffered prevented you from working during your recovery
    • The value of any personal property that was damaged or destroyed during the incident
    • Your legal fees from Kenmore Law Group for the preparation and litigation of your broken park bench injury lawsuit

    In addition, when the injuries suffered are severe or require extensive recovery time, it is customary to include an amount to compensate the victim for their pain and suffering. Your broken park bench injury attorney at Kenmore Law Group will help you determine an appropriate amount based on their extensive expertise in these cases.

    Common But Severe Broken Park Bench Injures

    Sadly, many people think that injuries to their pride are the most severe issues they will face after falling from a broken park bench. However, many injuries can occur from this fall, including:

    • Severe lacerations or puncture wounds that include damage to internal organs or excessive internal bleeding
    • Facial injuries to the skin, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, or teeth that can require surgery to correct
    • Damage to joints and soft tissue due to the often twisting nature of a fall from a broken park bench
    • Fractured or broken bones
    • Compression injuries to the back, neck, and spinal cord can result in lifetime impairment
    • Head injuries from striking the pavement or other solid objects near the bench can result in a concussion, skull fracture, brain contusion or hemorrhage, or further traumatic brain injury

    In addition to these physical injuries, many victims suffer added challenges due to financial hardships when they cannot work and face mounting medical expenses. These issues often lead to increased stress, anxiety, and depression. Sadly, emotional trauma can be equally difficult for the victim to overcome as the physical damage to their body.

    Broken Park Bench Injury Attorney liability compensation incident attorney sue lawsuit incident

    The Complexities Of The Statute Of Limitations For A Broken Park Bench Lawsuit
    The Statute of Limitations on your broken park bench lawsuit will vary based on the owner or responsible party. If the owner of the bench or the responsible party is a person or private business, the time you have to file a claim with the court system will be the standard two years from the date of the incident. However, if the liability falls on a government entity such as a city, municipality, or federal government, you will have only six months from the date of the incident to file a claim with the court system.

    Knowing that the time to build your case could vary substantially, it is imperative that you contact Kenmore Law Group as soon as possible after your broken park bench injury. Our expert broken park bench injury attorney will work diligently with a team of legal professionals to ensure your case is ready to be presented to the court as soon as possible.

    How To Afford The Best Broken Park Bench Injury Attorney
    When you need the best legal representation to secure the compensation owed you for your injuries and losses, no other firm compares to Kenmore Law Group. Our dedicated staff handles every detail so you can focus on healing and returning to your life. In addition, we never add to your stress with upfront legal fees or expenses.

    Instead, our legal fees are only presented after we have secured the settlement or verdict you need to pay our bill and your other injury-related expenses. And if we fail to win the case as promised, you owe us nothing. This is the fair and honorable way to do business and demonstrate our dedication to our clients.

    Please understand that any time you have suffered an injury, it is vital to understand your rights. The staff at Kenmore Law Group is passionate about helping all personal injury victims understand how to proceed when someone else is liable for their injuries and losses. The legal system is here to protect you. And we believe it is our duty to assist you in navigating the process to receive the full and fair compensation you deserve. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kenmore Law Group today to learn more.

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