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    Broken and Collapsed Stairs, Stairway and Staircase Attorney

    Broken and Collapsed Stairs, Stairway and Staircase Attorney lawyer sue compensation liability
    Broken stairs, stairways and staircases can lead to structural collapses, and these issues can cause serious injuries. A progressively collapsed stairway will create a chain reaction of structural failures in a staircase. The causes of a collapsed stairway are:

    • Collapsed stairway
    • Building support issues
    • Column structure failure
    • Destruction of columns
    • Redistribution of building loads
    • Support system failures
    • Abnormal loads from accidental impact
    • Foundation failures
    • Gas-related explosions
    • Motor vehicle collision with a building
    • Violent changes in air pressure
    • Explosion of hazardous materials
    • Flooding in the building affecting the structure
    • Failure after cracking
    • Tensile strength of masonry issues
    • Wall thickness issues
    • Compressive strength of masonry issues
    • Short all axial load capacity issues
    • Improperly installed stair stringers
    • Stair treads that are buckled, defective or fail
    • Notched stair stringers with hazards
    • Stair stringer notching too deep
    • Too heavy weight of the stairs
    • Overcut stair stringers
    • Split and damaged stair tread cleats
    • No use of steel stair treads
    • Damaged wood tread cleats
    • Stair stringer poorly secured
    • Stringer loose, rotted, damaged, bowed or not secured to the building
    • Stringer improperly cut
    • Stringer under-strength
    • Too many fasteners used on stairs
    • Fastener too short or too small
    • Fastener too big splitting the lumber
    • Wrong size fastener for dimensions of stairs built
    • Omitted or insufficient number of fasteners on stairs
    • Fasteners too long protruding nails to cause injuries
    • Fasteners installed on only one side of the stair stringer
    • Wrong type of non-structural screws used on the stairs
    • Improperly cut stringers, with low bearing surfaces

    As you can see, there are a plethora of reasons why a stairs, stairway or staircase can collapse. When it does collapse, you will fall down the stairs, and experience serious personal injuries as a result of the stairs hazards.

    Common Injuries That Occur on Broken and Collapsed Stairs

    There are many common injuries that can occur from falling on broken or collapsed stairs, including:

    • Broken hip
    • Broken leg
    • Injuries to spine and back
    • Flesh wounds
    • Puncture wounds
    • Strains and sprains
    • Nerve damage
    • Head trauma
    • Neck trauma
    • Death
    • Fracture injuries
    • Intracranial hemorrhage
    • Permanent nerve damage
    • Increased mortality
    • Knee damage and injuries
    • Hip flexor injuries
    • Mobility issues
    • Catastrophic neck and spin injuries
    • Brain injuries
    • Head crushes
    • Spine fusion injuries
    • Heart failure
    • Hand and foot fractures
    • Concussion
    • Laceration
    • Superficial injuries
    • Forearm injuries
    • Proximal humerus injuries
    • Broken ribs

    We understand that this is a difficult time, and that you need time to heal from your personal injuries. While you are healing, we recognize that you will start to have medical billings come to your home, and those creditors expect to be paid right away. You need to call on a lawyer who can prove that you are ready to win this lawsuit, and will work with you to get you the settlement package that you need. We want you to feel the peace of mind that you deserve, in this situation. We are here for you, just call to speak to an attorney who will help you with your person injury case today.

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    “Help, I Fell Down a Broken and Collapsed Staircase, What Do I Do Now?”

    We understand your frustration after having been injured on a broken and collapsed staircase. As you are healing, just give us a call. We will initiate a lawsuit for you against the responsible parties. You may have a serious injury, as it is not uncommon that people experience serious back and spinal cord injuries after a fall on a defective, broken or collapsed staircase. You need to call a lawyer who will take you through the next steps, to ensure you are in the winner’s circle on this case.

    Call our legal team today, and talk to an attorney who is ready to start managing your case for personal injuries sustained on a broken or collapsed staircase or stairs. We are able to initiate a lawsuit on the merits of this case. We understand that the accident came at you, and your fall resulted in serious injuries. When you give us a call today, you will have the peace of mind that you need for this case.

    Zero Fee Guarantee

    Our law firm offers a zero-fee guarantee daily. We will not collect any fees from you while we are working on your lawsuit. We are paid in the end when you are also paid on this claim. We are able to work with you, and offer a zero-fee guarantee to boot!

    Free Second Opinion

    You deserve a free second opinion on this case, and we are available to give you that second opinion. We are ready to talk to you any time that you call us. We will give you a free second opinion on your case. We know that you will want to talk to an experienced lawyer with experience in handling and winning cases for personal injuries, falling on a staircase.
    Broken and Collapsed Stairs, Stairway and Staircase Attorney lawyer compensation liability sue
    Call an Attorney with Expertise in Cases of Broken and Collapsed Stairs, Stairways and Staircases

    When you call our office, you will be connected with an attorney with expertise in broken stairways and collapsed stairway areas. You need to talk to the attorneys who specialize in personal injuries on stairs. We have the utmost clarity in these cases, and have won these types of cases in the past with the larger insurance companies. We know how to talk to insurance companies to get you the money you need for a complete financial recovery on this matter.

    To be honest, you just need to talk to a lawyer with a specialty in personal injuries, from being injured falling on the stairs. It is okay that you share all of your concerns and issues with us. We understand that the journey to recovery for your personal injuries may seem like a long road ahead, with physical therapy, possible more surgeries, and the necessary time to heal properly. We want you to focus on getting well, and healing from your injuries after the accident. We will be here to help you, whenever you call us, we will be there.

    You just need to call the best legal team and lawyers who can help with this type of claim. We will not stop until we get the most favorable result for you, which is a full recovery compensation package, in this case. We know that you are developing certain expectations regarding this case, and you want to get a full recovery package. In this regard, we completely agree with you!

    We are in the habit of winning big against the large insurance companies. Just call us for an experienced attorney in Los Angeles, who can help you with your case. Our team of lawyers has the ability to win this case, and get you the recovery compensation that you need to pay your medical bills that resulted from this personal injury and loss.

    Can I Sue for Being Injured on a Broken and Collapsed Stairway?

    Yes, we can sue for the personal injuries received on a broken and collapsed stairway. When you call us, you will have access to our Los Angeles case lawyers. We can file a lawsuit on your behalf, and we will bring your case strategy to light for a firm win in this claim. You will talk to our case attorneys in Los Angeles, who can sue and who know what to do to get the best result from the big insurance companies.

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    We know that you need time to heal from your injuries, and we are here for you whenever you need to discuss your case. Just call us today for a free consultation. We have a vision and a definite winning strategy for how to win this case. When you call, we will be able to talk to you about what to do next, to get the process to initiate your lawsuit started right now.

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