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    Brain Injury Lyft Accident – Damage to Brain Lawsuit

    Brain Injury Lyft Accident – Damage to Brain Lawsuit lawyer sue compensation personal injury attorney
    People want to get around using Lyft services for their main way of going from Point A to Point B. But it often comes as a surprise that the Lyft driver is a reckless hazard on the roads, and causes accidents where the passengers have to then suffer the injuries. The number and severity of accidents caused by careless Lyft drivers on our nation’s highways and byways is unlimited, in that there are untold ways that you can be injured in a Lyft vehicle. You may have suffered serious brain injuries because of being personally injured in a Lyft vehicle during your Lyft ride.

    Lyft Driver Negligence Causes Accidents When They Don’t Obey the Rules of the Road

    A Lyft driver who is not paying attention will cause a serious accident, where you can be injured with a serious brain injury during the crash. The Lyft driver who is not careful making general movements with the vehicle is highly likely to cause an accident, when being negligent at:

    • Turning left
    • Turning right
    • Going straight
    • Making illegal U-turns
    • Changing lanes without looking at traffic patterns
    • Backing up hastily into traffic
    • Slowing or stopping suddenly
    • Stopping in traffic to let out a passenger
    • Illegally parked
    • Negligently negotiating a curve or turn
    • Accelerating poorly in the road
    • Leaving a parked position hastily into oncoming traffic
    • Entering a parked position hastily hitting another car
    • Not using windshield wipers in the rain
    • Foggy windows in the rain
    • Not using headlights in the rain
    • Not slowing for inclement weather

    If you have been in a car accident and were the passenger of a Lyft vehicle during that accident, you may have suffered serious injuries as a result of the crash. You need to give our office a call today if that is the case for you. You will definitely want to have a highly competent and confident lawyer working for you, in this type of case.

    When you give us a call today, you are in luck. We are able to help you and deliver on that promise to get you the recovery compensation that you need right now to get through this type of injury and ordeal. But you only have access to the expertise of these lawyers on our legal team, when you give us a call. We can’t help you if you don’t reach out to us first, call today.

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    Car Accidents Are Serious for Passengers Tossed Around in the Back Seat of the Vehicle

    If you are in an accident and tossed around in the back seat of a Lyft vehicle, that accident will cause serious injuries to you. You can experience traumatic and serious brain injuries, as the result of a serious accident in a Lyft vehicle.

    What Happens in a Crash with a Lyft Vehicle?

    To understand what happens in a crash, you will need to put on your Crash Engineer’s hat for a few minutes. Cars are reinforced to prevent a crash from hurting people inside the vehicle during the accident. When you are in a taxi cab, you are in a vehicle that is meant to carry people in a livery situation, with reinforced beams in the vehicles that are meant to be on the road at all times. But when you are in a Lyft car, you are with someone’s personal vehicle. The Lyft car that is being driven by your Lyft driver could have:

    • Been in several accidents before
    • Been repaired cheaply with poor quality materials
    • Been driven recklessly and been in multiple accidents
    • Have weakened beams in the structure of the vehicle

    Of course, when you get into your Lyft vehicle for a ride, you won’t know any of these details about the vehicle. Now if the vehicle is involved in a crash, the stringent stiffness and required strength of the lateral protection structures of the vehicle won’t protect you in a crash. You will be in a death trap, but you won’t know it until the side door panels give in, or the structure of the car causes you to have more extensive injuries than you normally would in a well-maintained vehicle.

    If a car has been in a prior accident, the bolted and welded sections of repairs need to be completed properly, to maintain the safe structure of the vehicle. You have no way of knowing that if you get into a Lyft vehicle and have an accident. Cars getting into accidents are complex machines – which means that depending on the car make, model, prior crash history, driver ability to maneuver in a crash, rotational and general velocity, initial velocity and general road conditions: these are all major factors to how seriously you will get injured in a Lyft vehicle in an accident!

    If you are injured in a Lyft vehicle, you will want to call our law office as soon as possible.

    Brain Injuries Can Be Permanent and Debilitating Injuries

    There can be many signs and symptoms of a TBI, which may include:

    • Feeling slow or sluggish
    • Headache or pressure in the head area
    • Nausea
    • Vomiting
    • Blurry or double vision
    • Sensitivity to sound or light
    • Memory issues
    • Confusion
    • Feeling “funny” or different
    • Mood changes
    • Unexplained sadness
    • Moving slowly
    • Clumsy for no reason
    • Forgetfulness
    • Losing consciousness
    • Unable to remember falling down
    • Changes in sleep patterns
    • Changes in eating patterns
    • Feeling dazed or stunned

    Free Second Opinion

    You can trust that we are ready to help you now for your case involving a brain injury suffered from a Lyft car accident. We want you to feel comfortable calling us, we are ready to help you today. Just call us now, and our staff of experienced attorneys in Los Angeles will get on the case for you right away.

    Traumatic Brain Injury from a Lyft Car Accident

    People can experience a TBI from a car accident with a number of symptoms and injuries, including:

    • Contusion
    • Concussion
    • Laceration to the head
    • Hemorrhage
    • Skull fracture
    • Multiple fractures to the skull
    • Shaken skull
    • Injuries to the optic nerve and pathways
    • Unspecified injuries to the head
    • Fracture of facial bones
    • Intracranial injuries
    • Ear and nose injuries
    • Open wounds of the head

    You need to be with an attorney who has your best interest in mind during this type of claim. We are here for you when you call us for help on this type of case. We can start the process to beginning your lawsuit on the merits of your case, and go over the next steps for you legally as you heal from your brain injury after a Lyft accident. We are here if you are ready to discuss your case today with a lawyer who has experience in Lyft car accidents and serious personal injuries resulting from that type of accident.

    Can I Sue for Sustaining a Brain Injury from a Lyft Accident?

    Yes, we can sue when you have sustained a brain injury from a Lyft accident. Whenever you have a reckless and negligent Lyft driver, the odds are good that you are going to have an accident coming up.

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    For your peace of mind in this case, we will offer our everyday zero-fee guarantee. You don’t have to pay us any type of deposit to have us start working for you right now.

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    Lawsuits are complex and you need to be with a knowledgeable law firm to understand how to get you the money you need when you need it. We are ready to help you, but you must call us today to get the ball rolling on your personal injury brain trauma injury claim from being in a car accident in a Lyft vehicle. Call today.

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