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    Generally, there are insurance companies that provide coverage for anyone driving a motor vehicle on the road. With the introduction of such vehicles as motorized scooters, some of these insurance companies have come under the spotlight. The accidents that happen in certain situations can result in lawsuits. Bird is one such company that provides electric scooters for rent, and its riders are at times in danger. There are numerous lawsuits that have been filed against Bird after accidents have caused injuries, but the company has distinct policies regarding insurance. Our clients have called us with questions about how to deal with accident claims against Bird when there is no specific insurance agency to file a claim with. Our lawyers at Kenmore Law Group can help you file your claim and pursue a worthwhile settlement against Bird.

    Details about Bird Scooters

    Bird scooters are rentable vehicles that can be left anywhere once the rider has concluded the trip. They are able to be unlocked for one dollar and cost 15 cents per minute thereafter. They have a top speed of around 16 mph.

    In order to unlock and ride one of these scooters, a valid driver’s license and a minimum age limit of 18 is required. Riders must follow the rules and regulations that pertain to these scooters; for example, everyone must wear a helmet at all times and must keep at least one hand on the handlebars. There must be no tricks or reckless driving with the scooters, and all riders must adhere to local traffic laws. This means driving in the bike lane and not on the sidewalk where pedestrians are in danger, waiting for red lights, following the proper right of way laws, and more. Also, once the ride has ended, riders are to place the scooters standing up in legal parking spaces.

    Of course, many people outright ignore these rules. There have been situations in which children have been spotted riding the scooters, more than one person have been on the vehicles, and people have ridden without helmets. One of the most often complained about things is the propensity for riders to simply discard the scooters and leave them on the sidewalk, laying down, which causes a hazard for people walking. Those in wheelchairs or who are disabled may not be able to adequately avoid the scooters, and if other scooter riders try to come on the sidewalk to park the vehicles, they may hit them as well.

    Further, the scooters are picked up at night time to be charged and are then redistributed onto the street in the morning. If a rider wishes to ride at night, he should be sure that the scooter has reflectors and that he is not wearing dark clothing. Many people ride and are invisible to traffic and other people; the scooters are not large, and they may very easily be missed by passing vehicles.

    Bird Scooter Insurance Information

    Although most companies have insurance agencies that represent them, that is not the case with Bird. There is no Bird scooter accident insurance company. They are self insured; this means a company like Geico or James River Insurance does not pay out any claims for accidents. Rather, there are representatives at Bird who will take care of injury claims and defective product lawsuits.

    However, if you wish to pursue insurance that covers Bird scooter accident lawsuits, you may find it difficult. Bird has users sign away liability if they were the cause of the accident or if they were negligent while riding. Therefore, if you were not wearing a helmet and you purposely rode the scooter in a careless manner, you would likely not be able to convince a Bird agent that you deserve compensation.

    If you wish to learn more insurance information for Bird scooter accidents, you can read below. Our clients often approach us with questions about Bird scooter injury insurance information, such as:

    Does Bird offer insurance for injuries?

    Yes, Bird offers insurance for injuries through its own self insurance. It can relieve you of liability if you can prove that you were hurt because of a defective scooter or if another situation caused your damages.

    Does Bird offer any medical insurance for accidents that cause injuries?

    Yes, Bird offers medical insurance for accidents that cause injuries, but only if you were not negligent while operating the scooter. Bird will not cover damages that were caused of your own volition.

    Does Bird offer insurance for injuries that someone suffers because of their scooter?

    Bird offers insurance for injuries that someone suffers because of their scooter if the scooter malfunctioned and caused an accident. It can be much more difficult to win compensation if you were hit by a car while on a scooter.

    Which company insures Bird scooters? Who is the insurance company for Bird?

    Bird is a self insured entity. There is no public insurance company like AAA or State Farm that provides coverage for victims of accidents.

    What to Do Following a Bird Accident

    Just because Bird is a self-insured company does not mean you should follow a different set of procedures after a crash. You should make sure to follow these guidelines if you want to pursue compensation from your accident.

    • Get medical attention as quickly as possible, whether from paramedics, the emergency room, or a doctor’s visit in the days following the crash
    • Keep the scooter if it were defective or take pictures if you cannot hold on to it
    • Photograph your injuries, the damage to the scooter, and the scene of the crash
    • Record statements from eyewitnesses or bystanders who saw the event unfold
    • Report the incident to Bird and take a screenshot of the ride information so there is information in Bird’s database that shows that you were on a scooter at the time of the accident
    • Contact the police if another vehicle were involved in the crash and request a police report for your evidence
    • Reach out to a skilled lawyer for more Bird scooter insurance info for accident claims

    If you do not speak with an attorney and have someone represent you, you may find it outright impossible to receive the restitution you deserve. It can be hard to take legal action if you are injured or if you do not have legal experience; you must be able to negotiate a better deal from the agent, and if you are unsure of how to proceed, it is best to leave matters up to experts in the field. Our lawyers at Kenmore Law Group will gladly help you with your Bird accident lawsuit.

    Time Limit to Filing a Lawsuit against Bird

    The statute of limitations to filing a lawsuit against Bird for injuries suffered in a scooter accident is two years from the date of the injury. The deadline exists so that claims will not take too long to be settled and so that key evidence will not be lost or corrupted (for example, physical evidence might go missing or break, and witnesses might misremember important or key information). You will have ample time to take legal action, but if the two year limit is not enough, your attorney might be able to get the time limit extended.

    The statute of limitations can be temporarily suspended if certain circumstances come to fruition. For example, if you were underage when the Bird accident occurred, you would not have to worry about the statute of limitations running until you turned 18 years old. Further, some accidents could be severely debilitating, and if you were physically or mentally unable to file a claim, the time limit would not begin counting down until you returned to functioning health.

    For more help, contact one of our expert Bird accident lawyers today. We’ll be able to tell you if your statute can be extended and will file all the documents for you.

    Compensation from a Claim

    If you were injured in a Bird scooter accident, you could pursue various kinds of monetary compensation to cover your damages. The company can provide you with funds if they were responsible for the incident. Since the company itself provides Bird scooter accident insurance, you will have to pursue a claim from their department, not from an external insurance agency that represents them. Our team of expert lawyers can make sure that you are fairly treated in this process and that you receive ample compensation, including:

    • Coverage for medical expenses from the past and the future
    • Property damage for any items you owned that were lost or broken in the accident
    • Lost wages from days of missed work because of your injuries, as well as future missed income
    • Pain and suffering damages for emotional and psychological stress and trauma

    Our attorneys dedicate themselves to your case and will do all we can to secure you a fair and worthwhile settlement.

    Where We Serve

    There are many locations across the United States that feature Bird scooters on their sidewalks. We know that many of the people using the scooters have already been hurt, and we have handled cases from them before. Our law group has taken on claims from numerous states, including Texas and California. Here are a few of the locations in which we have gotten calls from people interested in taking action against Bird’s insurance for damages they suffered:

    • Burlingame
    • El Cerrito
    • Imperial Beach
    • Los Angeles
    • Santa Monica
    • Beverly Hills
    • Monrovia
    • Mountain View
    • National City
    • Oakland
    • San Diego
    • San Francisco
    • San Mateo
    • Arlington
    • Austin
    • Dallas
    • Plano
    • Alameda
    • Albany
    • San Francisco
    • Lake Tahoe
    • Walnut Creek

    No matter where you are, it would benefit you to call our law offices to get more information about Bird scooter accidents and the insurance details you need to know.

    Who We Are

    Kenmore Law Group is a Los Angeles based law firm that specializes in helping victims receive the compensation they deserve after accidents. We have been at the forefront of handling Bird accident claims since the company started distributing scooters, and we are perfectly capable of securing a worthwhile settlement for you. Our attorneys will aggressively pursue your compensation and will constantly negotiate with the Bird insurance agent to give you restitution you need.

    Get in touch with our lawyers today to set up a free legal consultation about your case. Our lawyers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we will always be there to answer your questions and give you crucial legal advice. We will look over your claim and tell you what we believe its value is and how much we may be able to earn for you.

    We will also give you our zero fee guarantee if you hire us, which is a promise that you won’t pay any expenses for legal representation. Our firm will cover the costs of the case from start to finish. If we win, the settlement will have a portion set aside to cover our legal fees; if we lose, you pay nothing, and we suffer the losses we spent.

    For more Bird scooter insurance for people who suffer injuries and the best way to file a claim with the company, contact our Los Angeles legal group, Kenmore Law Group.

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