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    Bike Rental Accident Lawsuit Attorney

    Bike Rental Accident Lawsuit Attorney compensation incident attorney sue lawsuit

    Bike rental companies are very popular in California. Tourists love the freedom of pedaling around the city to explore without dealing with the cost of a rental car or heavy traffic. And renting a bicycle is far less complicated than an auto rental. This pedal powered form of transportation also provides great exercise and helps eliminate the guilt that comes with overeating while on vacation.

    You might also be shocked to learn that many residents choose to rent a bicycle at certain times of the year to enjoy a little more exercise, evaluate bikes to decide what they will purchase, or to use when guests are visiting and have rental bikes. But what tourists and locals often forget when renting a bicycle is that there is an increased potential for an injury accident when pedaling around town on a rental bicycle. Sadly, these units, much like rental cars, see a great deal of use and almost no care or maintenance. So, your rental bike could be on the verge of failure and the cause of severe injuries to its rider.

    If you, a guest, or a loved one have recently suffered a rental bike accident, the staff at Kenmore Law Group is here to provide the answers you need. Our seasoned and successful bike rental accident lawsuit attorneys are here to provide the guidance you need and can be reached 24/7 to answer your time sensitive questions. In addition, we proudly offer a free consultation to any bike rental accident injury victim to discuss the details of their case and determine if they have grounds for a bike rental accident lawsuit.

    Please get in touch with the Kenmore Law Group office at your earliest convenience to schedule your free consultation and begin to overcome the hardships created by your rental bike accident injuries.

    Bike Rental Accident Lawsuit Attorney attorney sue Lawyer lawyer lawsuit liability

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    What Makes Rental Bikes More Hazardous Than Other Bikes?
    Sadly, rental bikes are more dangerous than a bike owned by a person only because they are getting more use and abuse without the maintenance and care needed to keep them safe. The bikes are often identical to the models you can buy in the stores and have been used safely for decades. But when a rental bike does not get the maintenance and inspections needed, it becomes worn and can quickly fail, causing the rider to suffer severe injuries.

    When you own a bike, you take care of the simple and easy tasks that ensure your safety, such as:

    • Proper tire inflation to avoid a flat or the tire falling off the rim
    • Replacing the tires when they show excessive wear or have no tread left
    • Inspections and maintenance for the chain and gears
    • Testing and adjusting the brakes to smoothly stop the bike
    • Inspecting the seat for damage and degraded mounting hardware
    • Examining the frame, welds, and hardware throughout the bike to ensure its integrity and your safety

    As a bike owner, you would handle all these tasks, knowing you are protecting yourself and the value of your bike. But when you rent a bike, you need to rely on the rental company to ensure your safety and the quality and durability of the bike. Unfortunately, many rental companies are more focused on the steady revenue stream from rentals than keeping the bikes in safe and hazard-free condition. So, you are much more likely to suffer common issues known to cause rider injuries when in a rental. These issues caused when a rental bike fails include:

    • A tire or rim failure can result in the bike stopping or slowing suddenly
    • If the brakes fail, you could find it impossible to avoid a collision or obstacle on the road, causing you to crash
    • Chain or gear failure can result in the bike suddenly slowing and you being struck by another bike or a vehicle
    • Seat or pedal failures often occur when the rider is shifting their weight and result in the rider or bike falling to the ground

    The sad part of all these safety issues is that they could have been prevented with just a little added care and dedication from the staff at the bike rental company. If you recently suffered an injury from a bike rental accident, don’t hesitate to contact Kenmore Law Group today. Our staff of expert bike rental accident lawsuit attorneys is ready to help you understand your rights and how to secure any compensation that is owed to you.

    Can I Sue For My Bike Rental Accident Injuries?
    Most consumers are unaware of the legal obligations of a bike rental company or manufacturer. However, when you suffer injuries on a rental bike, you quickly learn that there are many people and entities that could be liable for your losses and expenses. Some of the more common that you could sue include:

    • The bike rental company if they failed to maintain the bike, and that caused your accident
    • The manufacturer of the bike if the unit was defective
    • The driver of the vehicle that caused the accident
    • A pedestrian who caused your accident
    • Another bike rider if they caused the accident
    • The municipality where the incident took place if the city failed to properly maintain the roads, surrounding landscape, or the signage, and those items contributed to the accident

    The staff at Kenmore Law Group is here to help you with every aspect of your bike rental accident lawsuit, from determining who is to blame for the incident to securing the settlement or verdict funds owed to you for all you have endured.

    How Much Is My Rental Bike Accident Lawsuit Claim Worth
    The value of any personal injury lawsuit is primarily based on the losses and expenses suffered by the injury victim. In your case, you will work with the staff at Kenmore Law Group to compile all allowable costs related to your bike rental accident. The items that are most commonly included in a claim of this nature are:

    • All current and future medical costs required for the treatment or recovery from the injuries suffered in the rental bike accident incident
    • The value of any personal property damaged or destroyed in the rental bike accident
    • Your lost income or wages if the injuries sustained prevented you from working until you were fully healed from the bike accident injuries
    • Legal fees from Kenmore Law Group to prepare, file, and litigate your rental bike accident injury lawsuit

    In cases with substantial injuries or lengthy recovery time, it is common for the victim to seek pain and suffering compensation. There is no documentation to support this amount, so your legal team will help you select an appropriate amount. They refer to recent cases with similar injuries or circumstances to ensure you receive the most robust compensation possible for your losses and expenses.

    The final amount that is sometimes included in a claim is called punitive damages. This amount is applied to a lawsuit when gross negligence is involved in your injuries. An example of gross negligence could be when a bike manufacturer fails to recall a bike known to have a defect or a retailer fails to stop selling a defective model that has been recalled. Again, your legal experts at Kenmore Law Group will help you select an appropriate amount if you are seeking punitive damages.

    Bike Rental Accident Lawsuit Attorney compensation incident attorney sue lawsuit

    The Statute Of Limitations
    Most personal injury claims must be filed with the court within two years of the date of the incident. If the claim is not turned over to the court by then, the victim is likely to lose the right to seek compensation for that event. If any exceptions to this time limit apply to your claim, your Kenmore Law Group team will explain why using the exception could offer a benefit.

    How To Afford The Best Bike Rental Accident Lawsuit Attorney
    After suffering a personal injury due to a rental bike accident, you are sure to face many financial challenges that could make hiring an attorney out of the question. However, you also know that without expert legal representation, you will not get the full and fair compensation you deserve. The simple solution is a call to Kenmore Law Group for a free consultation to assess the legal merit of your claim.

    If you have grounds for a bike rental accident lawsuit, our staff will handle the case with no upfront legal fees or expenses required. We pay all the fees charged by the court to file your case. And you never need to reimburse us or pay for our services until we have secured the settlement or verdict funds needed to cover all your expenses. In addition, if we fail to win your bike rental accident lawsuit, you owe us nothing. This is the client-friendly payment policy offered to all personal injury victims to ensure they have the legal help they need to get the compensation they deserve.

    So please never feel overwhelmed when trying to figure out how to overcome the hardships created by a rental bike accident and the injuries it caused. Instead, contact Kenmore Law Group for a free consultation with an expert bike rental accident lawsuit attorney. We will help you understand your rights and options to make a well-informed choice about suing to secure the settlement or verdict funds you deserve for the losses and damages you suffered. We are here 24/7 and ready to offer our expertise to ensure your peace of mind today and a stable and secure financial future.

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