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    Cimex lectularius is the scientific name for the common bed bug that infiltrates the homes of people around the world. They are durable and stubborn pests that can push people away from their homes indefinitely. While the number of bed bug cases seemed to be on the decline over the past century or so, more recently, the nasty bed bug has made an unwanted return to the homes of many around the country.

    Bed bugs, like the common mosquito, feast on the blood of humans and hide in fibrous materials like mattresses, bed sheets, clothing, sofas, travel luggage, and other such materials. They are microscopic insects that hide within the fibers, and so they can be very difficult to spot unless closely and meticulously inspected for.

    Bed bugs often require a professional exterminator to fully terminate and to cleanse a room from their presence. But they are resilient little creatures, and, because of their microscopic size, can be difficult to exterminate. Their biology and method by which they reproduce also make it very difficult to eliminate them completely, which is unfortunate because the even if one survives, that individual bed bug can repopulate the entire home.

    When you rent an apartment, you expect it to be clean of all pests. You expect your new room to be free of any bed bugs so that you don’t have to deal with any parasitic insects. Your landlord is responsible for making sure that your home is clear of any bed bugs. And so, if you found that bed bugs have your home their own, who is responsible? Is it you? Or your landlord? Can you sue your landlord for bed bugs?

    Our lawyers at Kenmore Law Group are dedicated to ensuring that justice is served. Landlords need to follow the many laws that encompass landlord-tenant law.

    What to Do When You Find Bed Bugs In Your Apartment

    Bed bugs can infest any home regardless of class or stature. This makes them particularly difficult to target and predict because they can show up in any neighborhood: whether it be privileged and affluent, or not. They don’t care where they end up. They will live in any mattress as long as there is a fresh supply of blood; since humans spend up to one-third of their lives in bed, bed bugs have an all-you-can-eat option from that lay in their bed bug-infected beds.

    If you discover that your home has been infected with bed bugs, you need to report it to your landlord as soon as possible. The method through which you notify your landlord should be one that creates a record like an email, text, or letter. Your landlord, if they do what is necessary of a good landlord, will contact a professional and qualified exterminator to inspect for and measure the extent to which the bed bugs have infiltrated your rental home (and the adjacent units). In doing so, your landlord should also properly notify you with plenty of time about the exterminator.

    How to Get Ready for the Exterminator’s Inspection

    Get as much information as you can before the inspector comes out. They will be able to tell you specifically what to do and how you can best prepare for their arrival.

    Normally, an exterminator will inspect the bed bug site they believe is the “main site,” like your mattress and bedding and clothes and sofa.

    Then, your professional will also isolate or “box” the source, and attempt to confirm from where your bed bug infestation originated and whether how the problem has spread. Mapping the infestation will help the exterminator determine whether or not the entire apartment unit has become infested.

    How You Can Get Rid of Bed Bugs

    Exterminators recommend that tenants who live in an infected home take the following steps to ensure that all bed bugs are eliminated after the exterminator’s procedure:

    • Remove all clutter;
    • Remove all items from closets, shelves, and drawers;
    • Wash all bedding and clothing;
    • Thoroughly vacuum;
    • Move out during the exterminator’s treatment;
    • Destroy all infected items that can’t be treated by the exterminator. Things like your mattress, sofa, clothing, suitcases, and other such items.

    Can You Sue Your Landlord?

    Yes, you can sue your landlord if the law requires them to take action once you have notified them of the bed bug infestation that has infected your apartment unit and caused you severe injuries.

    Bed bug bites have the possibility of being so bad that you have no choice but to go the hospital to see a doctor for treatment. Healthcare in the United States is still far behind all of the other “developed” countries in the world and so medical bills are offensively high. Treatments may cost you thousands of dollars, which you may not be able, nor want, to pay.

    Additionally, because of the infestation of bed bugs in your room or apartment, much of your expensive property, like your mattress, rug, sofa, and wardrobe, was likely destroyed in an effort to fully exterminate the bed bugs.

    All of these damages quickly add up. In order to receive compensation for your damages, you need to contact the Kenmore Law Group and speak to one of our many experienced attorneys. Our attorneys will read over the facts of your case and build a strong case against your tenant so that you are paid for the damages you incurred during the infestation of bed bugs in your rental unit.

    The reason you want to contact our law firm is because filing a lawsuit against a tenant for bed bug injuries/infestation is not so easy. If you were not the one who attracted the bed bugs into your own apartment, then it becomes tricky. With so many units and apartments sharing walls and corners, bed bugs can hop from one bedroom to the next, and infect the entire unit, in just a matter of months. Some tenants may be moving in and out of the units, others may have traveled to some far-off land (or just across the city) and picked up some bed bugs along the way. Because the finding the source of bed bugs can be incredibly difficult, it is often the landlords that have to pay for the exterminator and other costs associated with the bed bug infestation.

    With the right bed bug lawyers, like the ones you can find at Kenmore Law Group, your tenant may also be responsible for paying your damages. The damages being bodily injury as a result of treatment you had to get after the bed bug bites, and your destroyed property. With a strong enough case, your lawyers will get you maximum compensation for your damages.

    The Kenmore Law Group

    The Kenmore Law Group is here for you and wants to represent you so that you may be compensated for your injuries and property damages. We often see that landlords get away with breaking the law and not treating their tenants in accordance with the law. We offer many promotions to our clients we hope they can use in order to make the legal process less stressful. Legal processes are long, time-consuming, and incredibly tricky. We want to take away the stress of the legal process and leave you to just recover from your injuries. We offer free legal consultation, free second opinions, and the zero-fee guarantee.

    Free Legal Consultation: Free legal consultation gives you the opportunity to speak with one of our experienced Los Angeles bed bug attorneys. They will sit down with you and answer any questions you may have about your case. We feel that it is important that you have as much knowledge pertaining to your case before you decide to pursue any compensation and enter the long legal process. There is no obligation to sign up with us, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by contacting our law firm today.

    Free Second Opinions: Already have a lawyer? No problem. But you should know that, unfortunately, many lawyers are in the field to get rich. They have no decency and will quickly accept any settlement amount to fill their pockets and kick you out of their office. You might be skeptical of your lawyer’s work ethic. We offer free second opinions and will use our best judgment of the law and justice to really tell you the potential of your case. We will always fight for maximum compensation.

    Zero-Fee Guarantee: We do not charge any of our customers until everything is said and done. We do not collect any fee until we win your case and get you the settlement you deserve. If we are unable to prove your case and get you the compensation we think you deserve, we will not charge you for our legal services. We do not feel that it is ethical to charge clients who are looking for restitution for the damages.

    Contact our law firm today to receive free legal consultation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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