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    Average Value of Uber Case – Uber Lyft Accident Lawsuit

    The average value of an Uber accident case depends on your attorney. Many Uber accident lawyers are inexperienced in this field of law and will get their clients about $20,000. Our law firm specializes in Uber accident cases and as a result, the average value of an Uber accident case is much higher with our law firm. The average value of an Uber accident is $500,000. The average value of the Uber accident is higher if liability is clear, such as an Uber accident where someone rear-ended the Uber vehicle. Rideshare accidents have become much more common since the advent of Uber, Lyft, and other app-based services. Unfortunately, this also places more people at risk of car accidents, as unfamiliar routes and constant GPS usage force drivers to pay less attention to the roads. If you have been in an Uber or Lyft accident, make sure you hire the right attorney to represent you. The attorney should be someone who specializes in these kind of cases.

    How Much is an Uber Accident Worth?

    An Uber accident is different from a regular car accident. The minimum coverage required by law for a regular car accident is $15,000 for injury or death to one person, $30,000 for injury or death to two or more people, and $5,000 for property damage. So if you are in a regular accident, your case is worth at least $15,000 if you are injured. But rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft have significantly higher insurance policies because by law they are required to carry more than the minimum. An Uber accident can be worth $500,000 or more, depending on the severity of your injuries. Further, a Lyft accident can be worth $500,000 or more as well. One of the most common questions asked by our clients concerns the amount of compensation they will receive for the damages they have suffered. Examples of questions that clients ask us regarding the amount of compensation that they will receive include:

    • How much is an uber accident case worth?
    • What is the average settlement value for an uber accident lawsuit?
    • How much is the payout for an uber accident claim?
    • I was in an Uber car as a passenger and another car crashed into us. How much can I sue Uber for?
    • I am an Uber driver and I got into an accident. How much will my case settle for?

    An Uber accident is worth $500,000 or more at times because of the fault of the driver. You are usually a passenger in an Uber vehicle or an innocent driver who is hit by a worker. Similarly, a Lyft accident is worth $500,000 at times because of the same reason: if you are not at fault for the crash, you will be able to have many of your expenses paid off, provided you have ample evidence and a qualified lawyer.

    It is natural for victims of accidents to want information concerning the amount of compensation they will receive for the damages they have suffered. There are several significant facts in determining the value of a case. A list and brief description of the most significant factors in determining the potential value of a personal injury case is provided below. These factors apply to any cases involving an Uber accident or Lyft accident. If you are looking for information regarding how much is the value or the average settlement of an Uber case or Lyft case, you can read below for some guidelines.

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    Our Recent Verdicts and Settlements for Uber/Lyft Accidents


    Rideshare V Auto Accident


    Uber Accident


    Uber Accident


    Uber Accident


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    Lyft Collision


    Uber Accident


    Uber Accident


    Uber Accident

    As you can see above, Uber accident settlements and Lyft accident settlements could vary. Our Uber accident cases have yielded settlements between $610,000 and $1,000,000 for our victims, while Lyft accident lawsuits have settled for between $415,000 and $1,250,000. Thus, it is reasonable to conclude that Uber accident settlement amounts are between $500,000 and $1,000,000 when there are adequate injuries to justify the amount. Similarly, Lyft accident settlements are $400,000 or more if the injuries are there. A simple car accident has resulted in a claim worth as much as $1,000,000 – but others have settled for a tenth of that. In general, cases tend to have higher values when the injuries are severe and impactful and when the negligent party is found totally at fault. We always strive to bring you the maximum compensation available under the law. Read below for more information regarding the factors that affect the settlement of an Uber accident or Lyft accident case.

    The Largest Uber and Lyft Settlements in History

    Unfortunately, many of Uber and Lyft’s settlements are confidential; therefore, it can be difficult for us to get a full view of the largest settlement in rideshare history. As mentioned briefly above, our team has handled Uber and Lyft accident cases that have settled from $415,000 to $1,250,000.

    It is important to note that Uber is insured by multiple insurance companies depending on the state; these insurance companies include Allstate, Farmers, Liberty Mutual, and Progressive. Settlements vary based on the insurance company handling the claim. For example, Liberty Mutual is known as the most generous of the four insurance companies used by Uber, although the difference is minimal. Progressive and Farmers are considered the least generous, and Allstate is somewhere in the middle. Similarly, Lyft is also insured by multiple insurance companies.

    It is also important to note that most Uber and Lyft accident claims never actually reach a verdict; this is because they are settled outside of court (this is also why so many settlements are confidential).

    One of the largest Uber accident payouts that is not confidential consists of a claim that exceeded the $8 million dollar mark – the payout was a little above $8.2 million. In this specific case, an Uber driver got in an accident with a trailer (the trucking company was found at fault). Because the trucking company did not carry enough coverage, the injured Uber driver filed an underinsured motorist claim with Uber’s insurance, and although it wasn’t easy, the driver was ultimately awarded a payout that consisted of roughly $6 million for pain and suffering and $2 million for past and future medical expenses.

    If you would like more information regarding past Uber and Lyft settlements, do not hesitate to seek legal assistance with the experts at our law firm immediately.

    Back, neck and whiplash injuries requiring a medical operation or procedure on the neck, spine or back – Valued at $500,000 – $2,500,000

    Neck and back injuries are serious injuries to incur after an accident. Injuries with serious neck and whiplash damage can be permanently disabling for the sufferer. The reason that whiplash, neck and back injuries are so serious, is that if you injure your neck in any way, you risk damaging your back as well and the spinal column. If your spinal column is damaged, you can risk not being able to ever walk again. Many people who have a whiplash injury have a poor outcome, and are in for many doctor visits for the pain, follow up surgeries and additional therapies to manage the pain and range of motion.

    Other issues that can occur with a neck, back or whiplash injury include:

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    Average Value of Uber Case - Uber Lyft Accident Lawsuit sue compensation lawsuit rideshare attorney lawyer

    Shoulder Injury – Rotator Cuff Tear Injury Valued at $150,000 – $250,000

    Rotator cuff tear injuries are serious injuries, that usually require future surgeries. The future surgeries have a failure rate of up to 40%, and the tears can be highly painful. It can prevent people from being able to move their shoulders, engage in sports, or even to perform the daily activities of living. Even if the person has a successful rotator cuff surgical repair, it may not translate to be a perfectly functioning shoulder area. These treatments are challenging, and even with several surgeries, they may not work. With elderly people who require this surgery, there are some options that will provide relief, but more research needs to be performed to find a cure all for most people. If the person has other comorbidities, it is more difficult to heal this type of injury, such as if the person has arthritis in the joints in that area, or has developed osteoporosis.

    Brain Injuries Valued at $400,000 – $5,000,000 Based on the Severity of Injury

    Traumatic brain injuries or TBIs are serious injuries that can range from a slight concussion to the person being comatose or even to a death. A TBI can cause life-threatening swelling in the brain, which can lead to serious brain surgeries to relieve those pressures. Brain injuries characteristic of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) have led to psychiatric issues and can be a cause of suicidal behavior, speech disorders, tremors, seizures, deficits in memory, lack of balance and coordination and other memory issues for the sufferer. If the individual has a hematoma, then it can disrupt the flow of blood to the brain, and can damage brain cells creating memory loss, and other brain injury symptoms.

    Injuries to the Hands and Legs with Operations Required for Healing

    Many people are injured because of an accident, and are left with requiring an operation to the hand, wrist, elbow, ankle, broken bones, knee injuries or other areas of the limbs. People need their limbs to walk normally, and once there is a serious injury to your limbs, it will affect how you walk for probably the rest of your life. If a person’s hand is injured and it does not heal properly, it may prevent the person from being able to work in the future. If a person has a serious or debilitating leg injury, it can affect how the person heals, and the person may have a serious limp, hip problems or a gait issue for the future.

    Mouth and Dental Injuries including a Chipped or Broken Tooth – from an Uber Accident

    People are often tossed around in an Uber car accident. This can cause the person in the accident to have a mouth injury or a dental mishap where teeth are chipped, broken, jarred or even swallowed. No one takes an Uber rideshare ride expecting to be in an accident, and have the ride end with a mouth full of broken and chipped teeth in an unexpected car crash.

    Foot and Ankle Injuries, including Torn Ligaments, Requiring Surgery – $200,000 – $1,500,000

    Foot and ankle injuries are unfortunately very common in Uber and Lyft accidents. Any foot and ankle injury that requires surgery, including foot surgery, ankle surgery, foot fusion surgery, metal plates or any other surgical hardware, etc. are likely to be high value – especially when compared to foot and ankle injuries that don’t need more than a cast. These injuries are complex injuries, in addition to the expenses associated with the surgeries, other expenses include extensive physical therapy, for instance. Unfortunately, these injuries can sometimes result in permanent harm – walking might be very painful or even impossible for affected parties. Because of all of this, these cases can be worth up to $1.5 million.

    CRPS from Injuries Sustained in an Uber or Lyft Accident – $600,000 – $3,000,000

    Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), previously known as reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome (RSD), is a chronic pain condition that is associated with severe nerve injuries. Unfortunately, nerve injuries are very common in Uber and Lyft accidents. Anytime that a nerve injury occurs, there is a risk of CRPS. Chronic pain can make in nearly impossible for affected parties to live normal lives. Although their injuries might be physically healed 100%, the chronic pain can become unbearable. Regrettably, CRPS is very difficult to diagnose, which means that affected parties are often forced to live without any treatment for months or even years. Because CRPS affects nearly every aspect of a person’s life, cases including CRPS are often high value.

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    Further Uber Accident Info

    Uber Accident Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Uber pay for accidents?
    Yes, Uber pays for accidents. It will pay for your injuries and damages to your vehicle if you were hit by an Uber driver. It will also pay for your damages if you were hit by a driver who had no insurance or limited coverage.

    What happens if you are in an Uber accident?
    If you are in an Uber accident, you may be seriously injured. You can sue Uber if the driver was negligent in some way.

    Can you sue Uber for an accident?
    Yes, you can sue Uber for an accident. You can only do this in the event that the driver was negligent or if you were unable to collect compensation because of an uninsured or underinsured motorist.

    What happens if you get in a car accident in an Uber?
    If you get into a car accident with an Uber vehicle, you could get compensation from Uber. The driver should not be reckless, and if he is, you could hold the company accountable for his actions.

    How much does Uber pay for an accident?
    Uber can pay you anywhere between $10,000 and $1,000,000. Their insurance policy limit is $1,000,000. All cases are weighed differently, though.


    Factors in Determining the Potential Value of Your Case

    1. The extent and severity of the injuries you have suffered: Medical documentation including hospital records and treatments establishing a diagnosis of your injuries play a significant part in a future settlement. Thus, it is vital to seek medical treatment as soon as possible following an accident so that there is no major gap in medical treatment.
    2. Your current and future medical and rehabilitation costs: Future medical care costs will be determined by a life care planner based on any long term injuries or disabilities you may have suffered due to the trauma.
    3. Economic damage suffered: Economic damages can include loss of income and future earning capacity due to long term injuries and disabilities you have suffered.
    4. Non-Economic Damages: Victims of harm due to the negligence of others are entitled to recovery for the emotional distress and physical pain they have had to endure. There are several ways to calculate pain and suffering compensation. Per-diem is calculated by placing a dollar amount for each day a person has had to suffer physically and psychologically based on the damage suffered. That number is then multiplied by the number of days an individual has suffered such harm.
    5. Application of Punitive Damages: Courts will grant punitive damages to victims in cases where the at fault party acted intentionally or acted in reckless disregard for the life and health of others. Reckless behavior, tantamount to gross criminal negligence in many jurisdictions, can include driving while under the influence, hit and run accidents, and driving at an exceedingly high rate of speed.
    6. Insurance policy coverage available: Lyft, Uber and other rideshare drivers must carry a commercial policy in order to have passengers in their vehicle. The specific dollar amount available depends on the standing of the rideshare driver at the time of the accident. If the rideshare app is not on, then the direct insurance coverage of the drive will apply. If the rideshare app is on but there is no passenger in the vehicle, a $250,000 policy limit will apply. If the rideshare app is on and the driver has connected with the potential passenger for pick up or if the driver is on the way to pick up the passenger, then a $1,000,000 insurance policy limit from the rideshare company will apply. If the passenger was in the vehicle at the time of the accident then a $1,000,000 policy will apply.
    7. The attorney that is representing you: Perhaps the most significant factor in determining your case value will be the attorney that is representing you. An attorney experienced in auto accidents involving Uber and Lyft vehicles will be able to provide specific strategies in order to maximize your case value.
    Reviews from Real Clients
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    Excellent service! Being in an uber accident was a traumatic experience for me but the attorneys at this law firm made all the difference. They got me a great settlement, and treated me with the utmost respect. I felt like family.

    Jessica L.


    My case was settled very quickly and I got more money than I had expected. They were always on top of things and answered all my questions, even the dumb ones. Thank you and I will definitely refer my friends.

    Humberto J.


    Contacted them after getting into a Lyft accident. The person was very patient with me and told me about all my legal options. That same night I signed up with them and they took care of the rest. Very easy and efficient process.

    Jolina K.


    I would like to thank each and every one of the staff members at Kenmore Law Group for helping me through these tough times and getting a settlement that was way above was I had imagined.

    Kevin T.


    My attorney was very nice and knowledgeable with respect to rideshare accidents. He explained to me how Uber insurance works and then sent me to doctors who worked on a lien and I didn't have to pay anything upfront. My case was settled quickly and without any hassle.

    Andy R.


    It is an honor to recommend this law firm to anyone who has been in a rideshare accident, whether it is involving Lyft or Uber. They have a lot of experience with such accidents and will make sure that justice is served.

    Samantha U.

    Ranked #1 Uber/Lyft Accident Law Firm in the US
    Hiring the proper attorney is key in personal injury cases involving accidents with Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare services. The unfortunate truth is that most attorneys will hurry cases along and settle for the lowest settlement they can get to win the case, collect their percentage, and move on to the next client. This is grossly unfair to each client who deserves to have adequate legal representation and the fairest compensation for the injuries that they suffered. Further, these low settlements decrease the average case value of an accident claim regarding Uber and Lyft, which harms other cases – courts will see these lowered numbers and think they are fair settlements, for instance.

    When you look for an attorney, you should hunt for a law firm whose attorneys are caring, attentive, and want to net you a sizeable settlement for you as a person instead of you as a client. They empathize with you over your injuries and hardships and want to see you with less stress and worries. Their goal is to get you the most money they can to cover all of your expenses.

    Further, many attorneys will not seek every avenue of recovery. For instance, they will not seek punitive damages. Punitive damages are difficult to acquire, as some defending lawyers will claim that the loss of income and any other costs through insurance are punishment enough. It takes a great deal of skill and knowledge of the law to plead for and win punitive damages in personal injury claims with rideshare services. The right attorney for you will seek these damages to further maximize your settlement.

    Making the Right Choice
    Our attorneys are compassionate and they will not treat you like a number. Our top priority is to get you the most amount of compensation and our attorneys are very particular about this. We are aggressive, and we will seek every avenue of recovery.

    There are many paths to victory, and we will make sure to examine all of them; further, unlike some attorneys who will sign you up and then disappear on you, we will be transparent with you throughout the whole process, as we believe our clients should not be kept in the dark if they don’t want to be. We will tell you what we expect to receive and how we will fight for your benefits.

    100% Free Consultations
    You can contact us right now for a free review of your case. We will review the details of your case and provide you with our best legal advice. We will let you know the best course of action and the best way to maximize your recovery.

    Free Second Opinions
    If you already have an attorney but feel that your current attorney is keeping information from you or not doing all he can to get you a fair settlement, contact us today for a free second opinion. We will be more than happy to give you our expert advice on what you can reasonably expect to receive and if your current situation is the best spot for you to be in. Our law firm has years of experience working on auto accident claims, and we have been taking on Uber and Lyft cases since the services began. We can get you the best settlement possible with our practical legal strategies and dedicated lawyers.

    No Upfront Fees – Ever
    We offer you a zero fee guarantee in addition to a free legal consultation. We only get paid if we win your case – you don’t owe us any out of pocket expenses unless we can bring you money.

    Further Information
    If you have any further questions regarding the average settlement value of your case or if you wish to obtain a second opinion on your case feel free to contact our law offices. All consultations are provided by our attorneys free of charge.

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