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    Average Value of Fractured Jaw Injury Lawsuit

    Average Value of Fractured Jaw Injury Lawsuit lawyer attorney sue compensation
    Some people experience a fractured jaw in an accident, or at the hands of an overzealous security guard. Either way, a fractured jaw is actually a serious injury, but most people don’t think that is the case.

    As a matter of fact, the mandibular bone is a critical bone in the face, and it is one that most people take for granted every day. When is the last time you thought about your mandibular or jaw bone? You may have never ever considered your jaw bone, but let’s put on our medical hat for a few moments to give it its due.

    Your jaw bone moves the bottom part of your mouth. It is actually the only way you can move your mouth! Your jaw bone is responsible for your being able to eat, talk, smile and yawn, chew food to digest it properly, breath properly with an open airway and have a full and intact facial structure. Without your jaw bone, you would be unable to do any of the above listed activities, and for this reason, when your jaw bone is fractured, you will have many difficulties with every day normal activities as a result.

    How Much Do Cases Involved with a Broken Jaw, Jaw Displacement, or Fractured Jaw Settle For?

    These cases can settle between $5,000 and $25,000 depending on the extent of the fracture of the jaw area on the individual. It is important to remember that there are two bones in the mouth. The lower jaw bone has two major mandibular bones, one runs horizontal and one is vertical. The V-shaped bone in your jaw is the cartilaginous mandibular bone, and it connects to the temporal bone at the temporomandibular joint or the TMJ joint. The horizontal part of the mandibular bone has the basal and alveolar or tooth bearing bones. Now you are beginning to see the critical nature of the jaw bone, and how a fracture of this bone will definitely detrimentally affect your every day activities.

    A fracture of the mandible bone will be classified by the location and severity of the fracture. The fracture classifications of the jaw bone include:

    • Symphysis/parasymphysis
    • Ramus
    • Coronoid
    • Condyle
    • Body
    • Alveolar process
    • Angle

    The mandibular or jaw bone has many different types of muscles also attached to the bone. Any horizontal or vertical displacement to this bone will cause irregular muscle pulls, strain and damage to the muscles. Additionally, and most importantly, any time you have a fractured jaw bone, you may have problems with your airway clearance and breathing. If you have fractured the jaw in a certain way, you can actually have a closing of the airway to your lungs, and can possibly die from this type of condition. Breathing may be hampered in a fractured jaw situation, and it can also include a compound fracture. Your healing will depend on many factors, and may take an extended amount of time based on the severity of a jaw fracture.

    Much Do Cases Involved with a Broken Jaw Due to an Accident Settle For?

    Depending on the circumstances related to your fractured jaw, these cases can settle between $5,000 and $25,000 depending on the extent of the fracture of the jaw. All fracture cases are not alike, as some are more complex to heal than others.

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    Assault and Battery and a Fractured Jaw Settlement

    If you have been involved in an assault and battery that involves a fracture of your jaw, you will want to talk to a knowledgeable attorney at our office for the best settlement options for this case. There will be other injuries associated with an assault and battery, which may include:

    • Bruises and contusions
    • Concussion
    • Broken ribs
    • Back fracture
    • Spinal injury
    • Broken limbs
    • Facial lacerations
    • Facial bones broken
    • Broken nose
    • Broken teeth

    The broken bones in the jaw take a long time to heal in many cases. The mandibular bone is a structure that holds the face in place, and assists with eating, chewing, talking and more daily functions. If you have been assaulted, your other injuries are added to the broken jaw injury to determine the final settlement for your claim. There may be secondary issues, secondary surgical procedures, and teeth that need to be repaired as a result of a fractured jaw because of an assault and battery.

    Fractured Jaw from a Security Guard Settlement

    If you have been injured with a broken or fractured jaw as a result of an encounter with a security guard, you need to call our office immediately for a review of your case. A security guard is expected to uphold the law, and is not expected to punch someone without trying to peacefully remove a person from the environment. A punch into the jaw from a security guard may be the case of that individual going beyond the bounds of his or her stated, approved and authorized authority to use force in the situation. There will be issues related to the use of physical force in these cases.

    In regard to the fractured jaw, there will be a case related to the personal injuries caused by a security guard. The fracturing of a person’s jaw is a serious matter. It cannot be taken lightly, as you need your jaw bone intact to eat, talk and digest food for your body’s nutrition. You need to call our office today if this has happened to you, and that you have suffered a fractured jaw at the hands of an overzealous security guard.

    When you have been personally injured by a security guard, you need to definitely talk confidentially to a lawyer at our law office. You need our assistance when there are several people or parties at fault for your losses. You should be working with an attorney who knows how to get the best results in this type of serious personal injury case.

    “Help, Someone Fractured My Jaw, It Really Hurts, and I Have Big Medical Bills!”

    We understand the nature of a serious jaw fracture, and our law firm is prepared to discuss with you initiating a lawsuit for the damages incurred by you in your accident. We want to tell you that we hold your case as a first priority, and understand that the bones in your face need time to heal, and you need the best possible settlement package right now. You can discuss this case with a lawyer with experience in our office, when you give us a call. We are ready to fight for you on this case with the big insurance companies. We are the best choice for attorneys, who know what to do, and who specialize in a clear at-fault party situation, getting you the money that you need for a full recovery compensation package for this loss.
    Average Value of Fractured Jaw Injury Lawsuit lawyer attorney sue compensation sue
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    Can I Sue for a Fractured Jaw?

    Yes, we can sue when you need to be reimbursed for your losses from a fractured jaw case. You need to talk to our Los Angeles case lawyers, and we can file a lawsuit on your behalf. This is important, especially where there is a danger that the at-fault parties will get away without reimbursing you your due recovery compensation, in this type of case. You will be in good hands, with our case attorneys in Los Angeles. We are here for you, when there are issues that cannot be resolved or mediated in the case, and we can initiate a lawsuit for you after we sit down and discuss your case with you today.

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