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    Arthrofibrosis After Surgery Attorney

    Arthrofibrosis After Surgery Attorney lawyer sue lawsuit compensation malpractice
    What is Arthrofibrosis?

    Arthrofibrosis is the breakdown of a joint, with scarring on the joint that limits its natural range of motion. It can occur when too much collagen forms in a joint, and starts to break down the tissue material in that area, and promotes excessive scarring which restricts motion. People who have developed arthrofibrosis may have an issue after an injury, and also after an operation. If too much scar tissue is created by the body after an operation, then it will limit the amount of motion that a person can have to flex that joint or limb. It can lead to severe arthritis, and result in a permanent disability of the limb, that cannot be cured or made better.

    The arthrofibrosis condition can also be triggered with other healing disorders. It is more prevalent and seen usually in the knee joints, but it can be found anywhere on the body where there are joint functions. People with this condition typically suffer major pain in the joints, and are unable to walk naturally after the development of this condition.

    Arthrofibrosis After a Surgery

    Arthrofibrosis can occur after a surgery, where scar tissue can form deep inside of the person’s joints, or outside the area of the joint. This scar tissue acts as a tightener of the joint tissues, and prohibits normal flexion of the joint out and back when the person tries to move the joints. The incidence of arthrofibrosis can form and be triggered by other conditions as well. For example, if there is an infection or an operation that was performed improperly, poor or non-existent physical therapy, there can also be scarring that will form to cause arthrofibrosis in the joints.

    Arthrofibrosis can form in many areas of the body in the joints, including:

    • Patellofemoral joint
    • Quadriceps muscles
    • Quadriceps tendon
    • Patellar tendon
    • Patella
    • Iliotibial band
    • Cruciate ligaments
    • Transverse ligaments
    • Capsular pouches
    • Posterior capsule
    • Hamstrings muscle
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    Arthrofibrosis After a Knee Surgery

    When arthrofibrosis develops in the joints, it can spread quite rapidly to other areas of the body. The scarring and inflammation can lead to tissue damage, scarring, over production of TGF-beta, fibrosis, and modifications of the extracellular matrix which may affect even the person’s immune response to diseases over time. There can be secondary conditions, triggering of complications, and other issues with the development of arthrofibrosis.

    Other complications of arthrofibrosis include:

    • Infections
    • Dislocated knee and ligaments
    • Requirement for ligament reconstruction
    • Painful and swollen knees
    • Concurrent MCL repair or need for reconstruction
    • Infections triggered as a result of this condition
    • Poor range of motion in the area of the scarring
    • Poor rehabilitation results
    • Synovitis
    • Complex regional pain syndrome
    • Reflex sympathetic dystrophy
    • Scar tissue in the femoral notch

    Arthrofibrosis After a Shoulder Surgery

    When there is arthrofibrosis in the shoulder, it can present itself in a stiff shoulder or “frozen shoulder” situation for the person suffering with this condition. It means that there is less than an ideal range of motion for the person, and it will impede being able to walk and get around.

    Arthrofibrosis After a Spine Surgery

    The condition of arthrofibrosis can occur after a spinal fracture surgery, which will result in pain, weakness, decreased function of movement, and issues with being able to manage daily activities.

    Arthrofibrosis After a Hip Surgery

    If a person has arthrofibrosis that developed after a hip surgery, it can also affect the way that the hip surgery heals after that surgical procedure. You need your hips to heal properly, to allow the full range of movement of your lower limbs when you walk, flex, climb stairs and bend. In these cases, and in all cases, you need a lawyer who understands what you are going through. We are here for you, and the challenges that you have been facing we will handle for you. Just relax and know that we will settle this case to a successful conclusion.

    When you call us, you will be sitting down with an attorney who will give you a new perspective on winning this case. We will get you the recovery compensation that you need to pay your mounting medical bills related to your personal injuries.

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    Arthrofibrosis After Surgery Attorney lawyer lawsuit compensation malpractice sue
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    Can I Sue the People Who Caused Me to Develop Arthrofibrosis After a Surgery?

    Yes, we can sue whoever is responsible for you developing arthrofibrosis after a surgery and surgical procedure. We understand that you may need extra time to heal, and we are on board with giving you the best representation possible, to bring you to winning conclusion. You can give us a call today, and our team of lawyers are ready to help with your claim for damages and personal injuries related to your medical issues.

    We have a team of experienced attorneys in Los Angeles at our law firm, who will work hard to bring this case to a successful conclusion for you on all merits. We know how you feel, and that you may have mounting medical bills. We are here for you and will help you get the recovery compensation that you deserve right now.

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