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    Art Fraud Lawyer Specializing In The Fraudulent Selling of Fake Art

    Art Fraud Lawyer Specializing In The Fraudulent Selling of Fake Art attorney sue compensation

    Art is appreciated by many people and in a variety of ways. Some are happy to visit a museum to see the famous works of well-known artists, while others are more inclined to view art that speaks to them. They are less concerned with the provenance of the piece. Others still look at art as an investment. Sadly, because of all these ways we appreciate art, some people take advantage of others for financial gain by fraudulently copying art and selling it as an authentic piece of work.

    Unfortunately, the people who make fake reproductions of works of art are very skilled at their job. They can mimic the techniques and appearance of valuable pieces, while other associates dedicate the same skill and expertise to faking the documentation that accompanies original artwork. The certificates of authentication are used to trace the ownership or provenance of the piece to verify whose possession it has been in since it was created.

    If you believe that you have purchased a fake copy or fraudulent work of art or were deceived when buying art that is not legitimate or valued as claimed by the seller, please get in touch with the art fraud lawyers at Kenmore Law Group. We have a team specializing in the fraudulent selling of fake art and helping victims like yourself recover the money you spent on the phony art and possibly more related to other damages you suffered from the purchase.

    Art Fraud Lawyer Specializing In Forgery Fraudulent Selling of Fake Art personal injury lawsuit lawyer attorney

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    How Are Forgeries Of Artwork Created?
    When an artist studies their craft, most invest a great deal of time learning how famous artists created their works of art. From learning the techniques to copying the brush strokes or patterns created by the original artist, these students learn the basics of their craft by copying the pros. However, most artists then take the skills they acquired, hone them, and create their own style and appearance of art. However, some choose to become masters at recreating the works of the masters in an effort to take advantage of consumers financially and swindle them with fake copies.

    Buyers Often Want To Believe
    You might think it is impossible not to spot a fake piece of art, forged documents, or authenticity. However, the artists creating both are very skilled and dedicated to their craft., Some even make a story explaining why the documents look odd or have gaps in the piece’s history and whereabouts. Even when the art price appears too good to be true, art lovers sometimes simply want to believe they are getting possession of the real thing. They are willing to overlook their questions for the chance to own the painting or sculpture they feel is valuable.

    How Is Fake Art Being Made And Sold So Easily?
    As technology to inspect and verify art improves, so do the tools and skills of the dishonest imposters who are making fake artwork. After all, people have been working diligently to reproduce fake dollar bills for decades and, in some cases, doing it quite successfully. But when those fakes must be made in mass quantities for the thief to make money, selling only one fake piece of art can be worth thousands of millions of dollars. While new technology is not used to actually make the artwork, it can be used to evaluate the original piece and compare the appearance of fakes to ensure the technique is similar and that the art will pass the visual tests that most buyers will be able to perform. Rarely is a piece of art methodically tested to verify its actual age and history.

    The creators of fake art even add processes once the piece is completed to add the look and effects of time on things like the paint or canvas used in a painting. But regardless of what these acts are called and what the creators call themselves, they are taking part in illegal activities to sell fake works of art to unknowing buyers fraudulently. If you or a loved one has fallen prey to art fraud, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kenmore Law Group to discuss your claim with our lawyers, who are experienced at handling cases involving the fraudulent selling of fake art.

    Can I Sue For The Fraudulent Sale Of Fake Art?
    If you purchased a piece of art that was later determined to be fake or the claims of the art’s provenance were false, you have the right to seek compensation from the person who sold you the fake artwork. The art fraud lawyers at Kenmore Law Group will file a claim for you to recover the money you spent on the fraudulent artwork and any other fees that you suffered due to that purchase, such as your legal fees or other costs you incurred having the authenticity of the art verified or confirmed to be a fake.

    How Long Do I Have To File A Lawsuit For The Sale Of Fake Art?
    The Statute of Limitations defines how long a victim has to file a lawsuit. In California, in cases related to fake art or fraudulently selling fake art, the victim has three years from when the piece is determined to be fake to file a claim with the court. It is also critical to know that there are seldom any exceptions to the time limit set by the Statute of Limitations. So, victims need to contact Kenmore Law Group as quickly as possible when they discover they have become the victim of fraudulent selling of fake art. If they fail to file their claim with the court by the end of the three-year time limit, they will likely lose their right to seek compensation for the money spent on the fake art or the cost of determining that the art was fraudulently sold.

    How Much Is The Average Fake Art Lawsuit Worth?
    It is nearly impossible to estimate what would be considered the average value of a piece of art. Some paintings and sculptures are sold for hundreds of dollars, while others sell for thousands or even millions of dollars. And as hard as it might be to imagine, the art of all price ranges is subject to being forged and sold fraudulently. So, the amount you seek compensation for will be determined by the amount you paid for the fake art. In addition, you will be able to seek compensation for any other costs you incurred in testing or verifying that the item you purchased was not a genuine piece of art that holds a value similar to what you paid for the fake.

    How Long Will It Take To Settle My Art Fraud Lawsuit?
    In general, the lawyers at Kenmore Law Group specializing in the fraudulent selling of fake art estimate that many cases will require three to five months to resolve. However, the facts and details of your case will impact the precise time needed to complete the lawsuit. To have a more accurate estimate of the time needed to settle your lawsuit, please get in touch with the Kenmore Law Group office to request a free consultation with a skilled and successful art fraud lawyer to evaluate the facts of your case.

    Art Fraud Lawyer Specializing In The Fraudulent Selling of Fake Art Case incident attorney lawsuit sue lawsuit

    Do You Need A Free Second Opinion?
    At Kenmore Law Group, we know that not all legal teams have the same level of expertise and skill as our staff of art fraud lawyers. If you have been told by another firm that you do not have grounds for an art fraud lawsuit or you feel that your current legal team is not handling your case in the best manner possible, Kenmore Law Group is here to offer a free second opinion case evaluation at a free consultation. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our office today to request your meeting, and know that our legal team will advise you of the steps to take to protect yourself and your best interest.

    You Deserve The Best Legal Team For Your Art Fraud Lawsuit
    It will surely be very upsetting to think that you owe a valuable piece of art only to discover that it was fraudulently created and sold. In addition to the money you feel is lost on a worthless fake painting or another piece, you could be experiencing embarrassment or shame because you were swindled or duped by someone who was dishonest and trying to take advantage of an art buyer or someone with a great appreciation of art. But please know that there is never any judgement passed by the staff at Kenmore Law Group.

    We understand that you are the victim, and we are dedicated to defending your right to justice and securing the funds that were illegally taken from you. In addition, when you decide to hire the lawyers with decades of combined experience handling art fraud lawsuits, we never charge any upfront legal fees or expenses. Instead, we only get paid after the case is completed, and you have the compensation needed to cover your legal costs. And if we fail to win your art fraud lawsuit, you owe us nothing.

    If you have fallen prey to fake art or art that was fraudulently sold as something much more valuable than it is, please know that the exceptional art fraud lawyers at Kenmore Law Group are just a call away to help you recover the money invested in the art and uncovering the possibly costly ruse that it was authentic.

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