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    Applebee’s Slip And Fall Attorney

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    There are over 100 Applebee’s locations throughout California, from Eureka to San Diego. While most cities have a single site, San Jose offers three, while El Cajon, Fresno, Sacramento, San Diego, and Visalia all have two locations per city. The popularity in the state is partially due to the quality of the food and value and the fact that the company is headquartered in Glendale, California.

    Visiting an Applebee’s location at lunch, happy hour, or dinner time can mean a bit of a wait to be seated. However, patrons don’t seem to mind waiting to enjoy their favorite American cuisine. But what is a sign of success to restaurant owners and managers should also serve as a warning to their guests. Unfortunately, these high demand or busy times at Applebees or any restaurant also means an increased potential for safety hazards.

    The nature of a restaurant with food and drinks constantly being delivered to hungry guests means that there are going to be some spills that create slippery floors. And that is not the only factor that can increase the likelihood of a guest suffering an Applebee’s slip and fall injury accident in one of the one hundred-plus locations in the state. If you have suffered such an event and are wondering who could be responsible and how to recover the money you are spending on medical bills, the team at Kenmore Law Group is here for you 24/7. Our staff will answer your questions and schedule a free consultation with an Applebee’s slip and fall attorney at your earliest convenience.
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    The Hazards To Be Aware Of At Applebees

    When you visit any restaurant, the last thing on your mind is to watch for slip and fall safety hazards. You are there to enjoy a great meal and possibly share time with family and friends. But being too eager to get to your table or a seat in the bar area could mean that you overlook some of the common safety concerns that can occur at Applebees and other restaurants you might frequent. These issues include:

    • Water tracked in from outdoors, making the floors slippery
    • Damaged or saturated floor mats at the door
    • Damp floors that were recently mopped but do not have a safety sign warning of the potential hazard
    • Water spilled from a mop bucket during cleaning or when cleaning up another food or drink spill
    • Food or drink spills on the floor
    • Trash, boxes, or other items left on the floor that creates an obstruction and safety issue
    • Wet floors in or near the bathroom due to flooded sinks leaking pipes, or overflowing toilet
    • Moist floors in the bar area due to leaking pipes, a clogged sink, or a cooler that is dripping water
    • Damp places near the kitchen from leaks, blocked drains, or cooler malfunctions

    Clearly, there is the potential for water to be on the floor in almost every part of an Applebees or any restaurant you visit. So it is critical that you focus on the floors and walkways you use to ensure that you do not become the next Applebee’s slip and fall injury victim.

    Are Slip And Fall Injuries Ever Very Serious?

    Most people think about a slip and fall incident that occurs indoors, and they imagine only a minor event that is more embarrassing than harmful. However, that is not always the case. Many Applebee’s slip and fall incidents result in severe injuries because of the tables, chairs, and other obstacles that the victim impacts when falling to the floor. In these cases, with multiple impacts, the injuries sustained can be life-altering or even life-threatening if a head injury or severe internal injuries are involved. Some of the most alarming slip and fall injuries Applebee’s guests sustain include:

    • Severe lacerations or puncture wounds that can require stitches
    • Bone injuries, including fractures or broken bones
    • Damage to the face, teeth, mouth, nose, or eyes
    • Injuries to soft tissue in joints or joint dislocations
    • Internal bleeding or organ damage that can be life-threatening if not diagnosed quickly

    The most severe injuries resulting from an Applebee’s slip and fall injury involve damage to the back, neck, head, or spinal cord. These injuries can result in loss of cognitive ability, memory, mobility, and motor skills. In the worst cases, the results can include the victim being in a coma or paralyzed for life.

    While many bystanders see a slip and fall accident as funny or comical, the victim must seek a medical evaluation to ensure their safety, long-term health, and mobility. Many injuries or the pain they create can be masked by the combination of shock and adrenaline that occurs when you are involved in a slip and fall accident.

    Understanding How Negligence To Duty Of Care Causes Injury Accidents

    Premises liability defines the level of care owners or managers must provide to ensure the safety of guests and visitors to their property. The typical expectation is the care that a prudent person would demonstrate. For example, you would not leave a hole in the tread of a step in your home. It is clearly a safety hazard that you need to repair. And that same level of care and safety is expected from every property owner or, in this case, an employee at Applebees.

    When thinking about your slip and fall accident at Applebees, you might have the opinion that accidents just happen and are not preventable. However, when you refer to the legal definition of an accident, According to Black’s Law Dictionary, these events are not inevitable. And if a person had acted differently, the accident could have been prevented.

    For example, you walk into an Applebees, slip, and fall on a freshly mopped tile floor. It was not wrong of the employee to mop the floor. However, the person’s failure to place a safety warning sign on the wet floor was a mistake or failure in their duty of care. Had they put the sign to draw your attention to the wet tile floor, you could have avoided it or known to use added care when crossing the damp and more hazardous surface. That failure by the staff was likely to cause your slip and fall injuries and could result in Applebees being liable for your medical expenses and losses.
    Applebee’s Slip And Fall Attorney incident liability compensation attorney sue store

    What Is The Potential Value Of An Applebee’s Slip And Fall Injury Lawsuit?

    The dollar amount of your slip and fall lawsuit against Applebees will be based on the expenses and losses you suffer due to your injuries. Most of the numbers come directly from the bills you receive, which can include your medical costs and the legal fees for the lawsuit. In addition, you can request compensation for any lost wages due to your injuries or the medical treatment you need for your injuries. Finally, you can include the value of any personal property damaged or destroyed in the accident.

    The only number that is more arbitrary and can be included to compensate the injury victim for the pain and suffering endured due to the injuries suffered. The staff at Kenmore Law Group has decades of combined experience in assisting clients in evaluating their level of pain and suffering to request an appropriate amount in their claim.

    How Long Does A Slip And Fall Lawsuit Take To Complete?

    There is no set timeframe to complete any legal matter. Each case has some unique factors as well as some similarities. But the time needed to reach a settlement or verdict will depend on the severity of the victim’s injuries, the workload of the court system, and the actions of the legal team representing Applebees. So it is always wise to seek legal counsel quickly after any slip and fall injury accident and determine if your matter has the legal merit to warrant a lawsuit.

    If the matter does have merit, then you will have two years from the date of the incident to file your claim with a California court before the Statute of Limitations expires. In most instances, if you exceed the two-year allotment, you will have lost your right to seek compensation for your injuries and losses.

    No Upfront Fees Or Added Stress

    When you think about hiring an Applebee’s slip and fall attorney, you will surely be worried about the fees you will need to pay to begin the case preparation. However, when you work with Kenmore Law Group, our team handles the entire case with no out of pocket payments required. We know that when you receive your settlement or verdict, it will include the money you need to cover all your legal expenses. And we are happy to wait to get paid in order to eliminate some of your financial challenges and stress. In addition, if we fail to win your case, you owe us nothing because we did not complete the task we were hired to do.

    So if you have suffered an injury during an Applebee’s slip and fall incident, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kenmore Law Group today. Our team is here 24/7 to provide the fast answers you need and expert guidance to ensure your financial and emotional recovery from your injuries as you begin to rebuild your life and put this painful and costly experience behind you.

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