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    Air BNB Burn Injury Lawyer

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    Residents of California are fortunate to have access to hundreds of thousands of Air BNB rental properties throughout the state. These rentals are located in scenic places like San Diego, Coronado Island, and San Francisco and provide the perfect place to gather with friends and family for a vacation or seek a quiet spot alone to relax and rejuvenate. However, all the benefits of renting a home instead of a hotel room are instantly wiped from your mind if you or a loved one suffers a burn while at the property. Suddenly, you are more concerned with finding emergency medical care than having fun. And soon, you will be facing the challenge of finding a reliable Air BNB burn injury lawyer to explain your rights. That is when it is vital to know that Kenmore Law Group is here to provide the one on one attention you need.

    Our staff of expert air BNB burn injury lawyers understand the pain and suffering you are enduring as well as your added concern about paying the medical bills associated with your Air BNB burn injury and other living expenses while you heal from the injury. Our experts offer a free consultation to help you understand your rights under the law and how our team can help you secure the compensation owed to you for your Air BNB burn injury. Please get in touch with our office at your earliest convenience. We have team members available 24/7 to take your call and help relieve your stress about your injury and how you will manage your household bills during this challenging and painful time.
    Understanding The Burn Hazards In An Air BNB
    The idea is very appealing when you think about renting a private residence for your vacation instead of a hotel room. You imagine all the added space and features at your fingertips, like a full kitchen, possible outdoor space for grilling, and maybe even a cozy fireplace in the living room or a fire pit outdoors. But you are not considering all the items and features that could be a severe safety hazard. Many of these bonus features that make an Air BNB appealing could also result in an extreme or life-threatening burn. Some features to be aware of that could be hazardous include:

    • Cooking Small Appliances – electric skillet, toaster, toaster oven, electric griddle, instapot, coffee maker
    • Fire Place – wood burning or gas fireplace inside the Air BNB or on an exterior patio or deck
    • Hot Water – if the water heater is malfunctioning or set too high, burns could occur at any sink, shower, or tub
    • Fire Pit – a gas fire pit or fire ring table outdoors
    • The BBQ – any gas or wood-burning grill for outdoor cooking
    • Outdoor Open Flame Lights – tiki torches, candles, lanterns with open flames

    This is a partial list of all the features in a personal home that could represent a burn hazard if they are not adequately maintained. If you suffered a painful and hazardous burn at an Air BNB stay, don’t hesitate to contact the experienced Air BNB burn injury lawyers at Kenmore Law Group immediately. We understand you have many questions about your legal rights and how this awful incident occurred. And we are here to help you move forward while protecting your health and financial future.
    Air BNB Burn Injury Lawyer sue lawsuit
    Are Burns Considered A Serious Injury?
    Everyone has touched a hot plate or cooking utensil and felt the heat burn their skin. Fortunately, most of these experiences are minor. A minute or two of cold water and the issue is forgotten. However, it is vital for victims of a burn at an Air BNB to understand that burns can result in severe injuries, infections, and permanent damage to the body. The level of the burn will help you determine the care required to have the best potential for a full recovery. The medical terminology for burn levels includes:

    • First-degree burns are the least severe and involve only minor damage to the outer layer of the skin. Victims feel slight to moderate pain and see redness in the area. Treatment is typically antibiotic cream or ointment to prevent infection and promote healing of the damaged skin.
    • Second-degree burns are more severe and damage two layers of skin, resulting in increased pain, swelling, redness, and possibly blisters. When blistering appears, there is a significant increase in the possibility of an infection of the damaged skin. Antibiotic cream is needed to prevent an infection. If pain persists or the injured area becomes infected, seek medical attention immediately.
    • Third-degree burns are the most severe and can be instantly life-threatening. The burn has gone through all the layers of skin and possibly even damaged muscle and other tissues. Blisters, charring of the skin, and open wounds are common with third-degree burns. Infections are prevalent with these severe burns. Seek medical attention immediately, as third-degree burns often require debriding and skin grafts to cover the open wound and prevent further damage and severe infections.

    Regardless of the severity of your burn, seek medical treatment if you are unsure how to best care for the wound or have no supplies to clean and treat the burn. In addition, having the burn examined and documented by a medical professional could be beneficial when seeking compensation for your injury from the Air BNB owner in a lawsuit.

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    How Is An Air BNB Owner Responsible For Your Burns?
    If you are wondering why the owner of the Air BNB that you rented could be held liable for your injuries and expenses, the answer is premises liability. It is a legal term that defines a property owner’s responsibility to guests and the general public. Each owner is required to keep their property safe from hazards that could injure a guest on the property. And that included items or features in an Air BNB intended for use by the renters.

    When determining the liability of the property owner, three factors apply. The owner is likely to be negligent in the care of their property if:

    • They knew about the issue or unsafe condition and did nothing to correct it or warn guests of the potential hazard.
    • The property owner caused the safety issue or hazard due to neglect of the property or a faulty repair to a property feature.
    • The issue was something that the property owner should have discovered during regular or prudent inspections of the property.

    If any of the three factors apply to the item that caused your burn, then the property owner could be financially responsible for your losses and medical bills. The experts at Kenmore Law Group are here to offer a free consultation to review the facts of your injury and determine if moving forward with a lawsuit is in your best interest.
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    How Long Will A Lawsuit Take To Complete?
    There is no predetermined timeline for a lawsuit to reach completion. So the team at Kenmore Law Group cannot predict when you will get your compensation. Factors such as the workload of the court system, the severity of your burn, and the length of treatment will all impact the timeline. However, our staff pledges to work tirelessly to move your case forward to secure your compensation as quickly as possible. We understand the stress you are under to pay bills when you are healing and possibly unable to work. And we will do our best to get you the full settlement you deserve.
    The Statute Of Limitations
    It is also vital that you understand that the Statute of Limitations for filing your lawsuit is two years from the date of the injury. In California, this time frame is imposed by the legal system. If your case is not filed within two years, you lose your right to seek compensation. The experts at Kenmore Law Group will help you understand the process of moving forward with a lawsuit and complete the filing within the appropriate time limit.
    What Is My Air BNB Burn Injury Lawsuit Worth?
    Each lawsuit compensation amount is based on the losses of the victim. In the case of your burns suffered at the Air BNB, the compensation is likely to include:

    • Your medical expenses
    • Any lost wages if you are unable to work or miss work for medical appointments
    • Your pain and suffering from the burn
    • The legal fees for your lawsuit

    No Up Front Fees
    At Kenmore Law Group, we want every Air BNB burn injury victim to have the legal counsel they deserve. However, we also know that many victims cannot pay legal fees out of pocket. So we provide our services with a zero-fee guarantee. You pay us nothing until we win your case and get you the money you deserve for your burn injury and losses. We also offer free second-opinion consultations if another law firm has turned you down. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kenmore Law Group today to know that our expert Air BNB burn injury lawyers are protecting your rights and financial future.

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