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    Accidents at a Flame Broiler Restaurant – Injury Lawyer

    Accidents at a Flame Broiler Restaurant - Injury Lawyer slip and fall injury lawyer attorney liability incident

    Were you or someone you know injured from a dangerous condition at the Flame Broiler? Unfortunately, accidents at a restaurant are all too common, and most of them can be traced to acts of negligence by management and staff. Companies like Flame Broiler have a duty of care to the people they serve, which includes taking any and all reasonable measures to prevent accidents on their property. If you’ve been harmed on the premises of a Flame Broiler location, you may be entitled to monetary compensation from a premise liability lawsuit, which we can discuss with you during a free case evaluation.

    A Flame Broiler injury lawyer is available to speak with you if you’ve been injured in one of these incidents:

    • Fall accidents – slip and falls, trip and fall injuries
    • Injured by foreign object in food
    • Food poisoning
    • Burned by hot food and/or drinks
    • Accident from a broken chair or table
    • Hurt by falling objects
    • Parking lot accidents
    • Assault and battery / sexual assault
    • Employment injury (worker’s comp cases)

    Accidents at a Flame Broiler Restaurant - Injury Lawyer liability compensation attorney sue

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    Can I Sue if I was Injured at a Flame Broiler Restaurant?

    You may have the right to sue for an accident at the Flame Broiler if you were hurt by a condition at the restaurant that could have been prevented by the owner, management, or staff. These measures include cleaning and inspecting the property on a regular basis, and making needed repairs. For example, if there are things on the floor that people could trip over, they must be removed right away. Otherwise, the restaurant is liable if someone has a trip and fall accident on their premise.

    Employee conduct is another area where the restaurant may be liable. An employee, for instance, can spill something on a customer, which leaves them with second degree burns. If there is a fight between a Flame Broiler worker and a customer and the customer is injured, they may be owed monetary compensation by the restaurant. Companies must also provide reasonable security measures at their locations, like surveillance cameras in the parking lot and bright lighting in dark areas.

    Basically, the law of premises liability requires owners to take reasonable care towards the protection of guest and visitors on their property. If Flame Broiler breached their duty of care to you while you were on their property, we can help you obtain compensation for the harm you’ve suffered.

    What if I got Sick from Eating at the Flame Broiler?

    All commercial properties are prone to accidents like slip and falls and injuries from falling objects. But restaurants can also place customers at risk of food poisoning due to unsafe food handling practices. This can lead to cross-contamination between foods like vegetables, chicken, and other ingredients that are used at the Flame Broiler. Poor food storage standards can also cause ingredients to spoil, which can lead to people getting sick from a foodborne illness. Then, there are cases of foreign objects in food, which may be the result of poor training and careless conduct by the employees.

    If something you ate at the Flame Broiler made you sick, you may have grounds for an injury claim for monetary damages, such as medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. To learn more, call us right away to speak with a food poisoning lawsuit attorney.

    Workers’ Compensation for a Workplace Accident

    An injury at work is very common for employees at a restaurant, and fortunately, monetary compensation is available to you if you had a workplace accident while working for the Flame Broiler. Workers’ compensation benefits provide you with lost wages and cost of medical treatments while you are recovering from a work-related injury. You are entitled to these benefits as long as you report the accident to your employer within 30 days. However, we recommend that you talk to your supervisor immediately to ensure that your claim is processed as quickly as possible.

    Our attorneys are here for you if you have any questions about the claims process or the paperwork you will need to fill out. If you’ve already submitted a claim, maybe you are struggling to prove your case and receive the full range of benefits you are entitled to. Whatever the issue, a workplace injury lawyer is here to assist you here at Kenmore Law Group. Simply reach out to us at your earliest convenience to schedule a free, no-obligation case review.

    Settlement Value for a Lawsuit against the Flame Broiler

    As the victim of someone else’s negligence, it’s important to have a sense of case values for the type of accident you’ve suffered. However, the average case value of an injury case against the Flame Broiler is determined by various factors that are unique to you and your circumstances. We can say, on the one hand, that the majority of injury payments recovered by our attorneys are between $100,000 and $2,500,000 or more. On the other hand, some clients are fairly compensated by amounts that fall below this range. Based on the degree of injury and negligence by the restaurant, others will end up with settlements of $3 million or more. What matters at the end of the day is how much you are entitled to for the harm you’ve suffered, which we can help you with here at Kenmore Law Group.

    Accidents at a Flame Broiler Restaurant - Injury Lawyer slip and fall injury lawyer attorney liability incident

    How Long will it Take to Recover my Payment?

    Though it’s in everyone’s best interest to settle a case as soon as possible, it’s essential to fight for the compensation you deserve based on your monetary losses. That’s why it usually takes anywhere from 6 to 10 months to negotiate a settlement on behalf of our clients. Some cases may settle faster, while others will take two years or longer due to the legal actions that are required to recover the client’s payment. For a detailed explanation of how long it may take to settle a restaurant injury case, please contact our law firm.

    How Much Time do I have to File a Lawsuit?

    You have 2 years from the date of your accident to sue the Flame Broiler. While extensions may be possible, they are only available for limited circumstances that will not apply to most injury victims. Thus, it’s in your best interest to initiate the legal process for a lawsuit as soon as possible. Our lawyers are ready to take action on your case, so contact us immediately to learn about your rights and legal options.

    Contact Kenmore Law Group

    The premises liability lawyers of Kenmore are committed to the rights of accident victims and their loved ones. Far too many people are denied the justice they deserve, which they could have achieved with representation from a seasoned accident injury attorney. Along with our many years of experience, we offer a Zero Fee Guarantee to protect your finances from day one. All legal fees are charged to the party you are suing, which we only recover by winning your case. In short, you pay absolutely nothing for us to represent you, no matter the outcome.

    Our personal injury lawyers offer second opinions if you have an existing claim for an accident at the Flame Broiler. This is your chance to discuss any concerns you have about your lawsuit, such as why it’s taking so long to reach a settlement with the restaurant. If you’re unsure as to what’s going on with your case or the steps you should take to achieve a successful resolution, don’t hesitate to call us and schedule a free second opinion.

    We look forward to guiding you through the legal process and securing the settlement you deserve if you were injured at a Flame Broiler restaurant location.

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