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    Top Causes of Auto Accidents and Why You Need an Accident Lawyer:
    Auto accidents can be caused by numerous illegal and negligent acts as well as acts of nature such as rain, snow and strong winds. Some of the most common cause of auto accidents on Los Angeles roads are as follows.

      • Defective roadway conditions – including improper coning of construction zones, potholes, and lack of guardrails.
      • Poor weather conditions – including slippery roads, high winds, and ice.
      • Drunk driving – Driving while intoxicated increases the rate of accidents by four times.
      • Speeding while driving – When motorists speed they fail to notice other motorists on the road.
      • Distracted driving – distractions including using a mobile phone, and eating while driving.
      • Inexperienced driving – Teenage drivers are at a 300% greater risk of being involved in serious injuries.
      • Rubbernecking – The act of looking at something, usually another accident, while driving.
      • Defective automobile manufacturing – Common defects resulting in accidents include defective airbags, and brakes.
      • Improper lane change and failure to stop – improper lane changes account for nearly 5% of all accidents while failure to yield or stop accounts for 8% of all roadway accidents.

    Your Right to Compensation
    Injured parties in an auto accident have the right to file personal injury lawsuits against all at-fault parties. Recovery in a personal injury case is based on several factors including all medical expenses, cost of repair for the vehicle, lost wages and loss of income, pain and suffering and emotional distress. If you are in the Los Angeles area, you can contact a car accident lawyer from our firm to discuss your case.

    A Los Angeles accident attorney will be able to analyze your case and maximize your chances at full recovery for your losses. Our lawyers will be able to provide you with a free, no-cost consultation regarding your case.

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